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We can all agree that Toronto is an expensive city! Every year life is getting more and more expensive. So I put together a list of free museums in Toronto for you! As I was preparing my Youtube video about what to do in a day as a tourist in Toronto, I thought I could write a dedicated post about free museums in Toronto. I discovered this option when I visited New York in 2017: museums often (always?) have a slot where they open their doors for free. I had talked about this in my “What to do in Toronto?” article. But here’s a shorter, simpler, more straightforward and up-to-date article, since many museums have apparently changed the free offerings with the reopening.



Art Gallery of Ontario is the second most visited museum in the city, more than 90 000 pieces of art are waiting for you with very different styles. Everyone should find something to please them. Head to the basement to find the Thomson collection which has more than 900 pieces including beautiful reproductions of boats (I looked like a child the last time I was there!).

Address: 317 Dundas St W, Toronto.

Fees: $30

Free admission:

  • Every Wednesday night from 6pm to 9pm.
  • Every day if you are under 25 years old

More information in their website.


Another museum to add to your list of free museums in Toronto. This museum is entirely focused on ceramics, facing the ROM, with 2 beautiful statues at the entrance. Enjoy permanent and temporary exhibitions. You can also take pottery classes at low prices.

Address: 111 Queens Park, Toronto.


Free admission:

  • Wednesdays from 4 to 9 pm.
  • Every day if you are under 18 years old

More information in their website.


The museum takes you back to the beginning of the 20th century and brings to life the changes of that era through the Austin family.

Address: 285 Spadina Rd, Toronto. 

Fees: general entrance is free every day. Some exhibitions are subject to a charge.

More information in their website.


This building is the last home of Toronto’s first mayor. The museum immerses you in life in 1860 through the eyes of Mackenzie.

Address: 82 Bond St, Toronto

Fees: general entrance is free every day. Some exhibitions are subject to a charge..

More information in their website.



As its name suggests, it is Toronto’s first post office, a building preserved by architecture lovers and dating from 1834. In fact, it’s still in service. When you send letters from this post office, you get 2 stamps. The first is a round red stamp with the post office opening date. The second is a personalized custom cancel (the only one left in Canada) that depicts a quill pen in an inkwell and reads “Toronto’s First Post Office”. How cool!

Address: 260 Adelaide St E, Toronto.

Free admission but donations are appreciated

More information in their website.


The last free museum in Toronto I wanted to add to the list reopened not long ago. This gallery is located on the second floor of the St Lawrence Market, the exhibitions change regularly and represent the art, culture and history of Toronto. During the winter, the gallery also hosts some DesignTO exhibitions, as mentioned in Frosty Fun in Toronto: 31 Winter Activities You Can’t Miss!

Address: 2nd floor, St. Lawrence Market, 95 Front Street East, Toronto.

Fees: Free

More information in their website.

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