Easy Table Makeover

With my move into my own apartment, after years living with roommates, last May I’m sharing a lot about decoration on Instagram. Even if you live with a roommate personalize your room will help you survive the Canadian winter. I enjoy decorating my little home. Finding unique pieces, creating a little cocoon where I can hide during the long Canadian winter. Among my findings this table found in the street. It’s super Canadian to leave the things we do not want in the street, we love it. Let me show you the easy table makeover I did.


To renovate your wooden furniture you will need:

  • a wooden furniture
  • sander or sanding paper
  • white paint special wood
  • some nail polish
  • a protective plastic
  • brushes, for the table I used a roller and a number 40 brush.

renover-table-bois-blanc-effet vieilli

Let’s give a second life to your table / furniture!

  • Think about protecting the ground and all the things that might be around.
  • Sand your table to remove all the varnish, no need to completely remove the color.
  • Flip the table to start by paint the feet, pass 3 layers allowing to dry 2-3 hours between each layer (time to adapt of course according to your painting and the weather).
  • Once the feet are finished we tilt the table and do the same on the top and the sides.

renover-table-bois-blanc-effet vieilli-3

Once the paint is dry, let’s go to the stage that interests us the most: give our table a weathered antique effect as we see on Pinterest.

  • Begin sanding in places using the paper. More or less depending on the effect you want. At the beginning you will have a gray effect, the more you sand the more you will make appear the basic color. Do not forget angles and feet for a real aged effect. Let yourself go and do not try to be regular. We create authenticity and history not an industrial furniture.
  • When you are satisfied with the result you can apply 2 coats of varnish.
  • Your table is ready to receive your next guests!

renover-table-bois-blanc-effet vieilli-6

And we are done with this easy table makeover! Can’t wait to see your photos! Tag me on Instagram if you do.

You can use this technique on any piece of furniture, even on new boards like I did on my desk last year.



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