Recipe #4: cookies façon Astrid


The first time I made cookie was March 13th, 2011 .. Such a good memory right ? Ok I could leave you think I have a pretty amazing memory or I could confess that I still have the recipe I printed from Marmiton in my little notebook, with so many notes added. Ok now you know I don’t have super power let’s be serious !

recette de cookies par astrid

For 15 cookies (depend on the size)

  • Flour: 250 grammes.
  • Cane sugar: 90 grammes.
  • 1 bag of vanilla sugar.
  • 1 salt pinch.
  • 1/2 bag of yeast.
  • 1 egg.
  • Butter 125 grammes.
  • Chocolate chips (as much as you want)

First mix flour, cane sugar, vanilla sugar and yeast on a big bowl.

Melt the butter, add the beaten egg and stir. Mix that with the first preparation.

Take time for the butter to cold down before you add chocolate chips, if not it will melt. I prefer to make small bowl and add chocolate chips myself to be sure I have enough chcoolate ahah !

Make bowls the size you want, good to know the cookie doesn’t spread that much, but keep space between it. I prefer to do it small so I have more, but everyone has different taste !

Put the cookies on the baking tray, add chocolate chips on the top to make it beautiful (that way it will look like perfect cookies) but also because we love chocolate !

Preheated oven à 220°C at the bottom of the oven.

Put into the oven from 8 to 11 minutes depends how you like it. If you are like me doing 3 or 4baking tray in a row thinkg about leaving the cookies less time than the first ones. On the pictures you can see different timing, the more cooked are for my grand father, he loves it that way 😉

Concerning chocolate chips, treat yourself ! I tried with milk chocolate, 3 chocolates, regular chocolate, white chocolate, with nougatines chips and chocolate. Small or big. Cuisine is all about creativity, we can’t make it wrong so try it 🙂

recette cookies

I love this recipe, I make 4 or 6 in a row to satisfy all the cookies lovers I have around me ! Keep it in a metallic box you could conserve it longer (you shouldn’t have this issue since it’s too good and nothing will leave ;))

Can’t wait to see you try the recipe, share your pictures on social media with #lescookiesdastrid, I will be really happy !

Have a nice evening <3

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