Christmas movie selection

The Christmas period is always synonymous with Christmas movies or love: something that makes us dream a little. I really do not have style to stay in my couch for hours but I appreciate those warm moments under the plaid with a cup of tea or chocolate, a homemade cake. I asked you the frame you know what you have to do 😉


Love Actually

The first time I saw this movie I said to myself: what happened in the director’s head to write a film so complicated to understand? Too many stories, too many characters. Then I saw him again and I was conquered by the British side. They are still not bad to make us dream at Christmas!


Bridget Jones 1 and 2

Bridget Jones could be my girlfriend. She gets into situations that are always more improbable than the others. This movie will make you die of laughter, you will plunge back maybe even in certain moments of your life and will touch you: finally Bridget wants nothing more than you and me: be happy!


Friends with benefits

The subject of the sex friend addressed by two canons: Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake! The film par excellence to laugh! A big bowl of fresh air! I’m a fan of Justin (yes it’s my buddy) as an actor! Plus one for the Kunis-Timberlake duo!


PS I love you

Prepare your handkerchiefs this film will most likely make you cry. Life can sometimes be cruel and take away the love of your life. We follow Holly through the different stages of mourning and into her new life without. A touching and very moving film.


Amours et turbulences 

A French movie !! I’m really a fan of Ludivine Sagnier / Nicolas Bedos. I find the film fresh, close to reality, it is easy to identify, and then as for us we hope that the love story will end well.


What to expect if you are expecting

As Love Actually the stories overlap, the cases are so different that everyone will be able to end up in one of the couples: the one with the age gap, the one who has difficulty to have a child, the very young couple. To de-dramatize this period of the life when the parents become.


20 ans d’écart

At almost 40 years of age, it’s hard to imagine that a kid will be able to upset his life. Especially not his love life. And yet Balthazar will come to brighten the life of Alice and bring the touch of madness that was missing his life a little too tidy.


Happy New Year

The fates of New Yorkers in the heart of the city that never sleeps for the most intense night of the year, between love, friendship, forgiveness, hope and many other things, a film for the New Year.


Devil wears Prada

A caricature of the world of fashion. An enormous wink to the queen of this world: Anna Wintour. Welcome to a ruthless world that makes millions of people around the world dream. In the midst of fashion dictates


 What are your recommendation ?

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