The 3 becs Hike


On my return to France I promised myself to take the time to visit what was around me. You can not really appreciate what you have at hand. It was to keep my promise that I found myself drinking the Perrier lemon in a glass on foot at 1589m altitude .. Come on I explain my day 🙂 We decided to go on the attack of the 3 Becs ihke with a buddy.

For the story we were not even friends before I buy his car 3 weeks ago, how I am very sociable?). For people who follow me on Snapchat it is the view from the window of my room that I often show you in the morning with the sun rising. For the people living outside Drôme Ardèche the 3 Becs is a symbol of the Drôme, the 3 peaks look like a man lying in front of me, they dominate and offer a magnificent view over the Rhone valley.

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At the start of the Col de la Chaudière we are full of energy and good humor ready to attack the mountain, we swallow 2 mandarins (Jonathan wants to be sure that we will have enough energy. Enough energy for the return and that it will not have to carry me ahah), one dresses well, verification of the laces, everything is ok one can go there. We walk since say .. 3 minutes 52 we are already tired is that it climbs steep this story anyway ..! And this heat: a December 12 I finish in tee shirt! Unbelievable ! On the first big part of climb all the excuses will be good to stop to rest even a half second: my lace is defeated, must I take off my jacket, and you saw the view from here? By laughing I do not know if we have more pain in the legs or abs.


But our different stops allow us to enjoy the scenery and promise us a nice reward on arrival ..


To reach the highest peak we have mid 3 hours, taking our time, not being champions of the world of hiking but having a correct physical condition. The sky was bright blue, clear to offer us a view of the snowy Alps, the valley of the Drôme and the Rhone. My first tip could be that there: no interest to climb up there with a covered sky so check the weather!


The view at the top of the Veyou is the one that dazzled me most during the hike. I was only 1 hour drive from home and yet the scenery seemed so different. We (and our bellies) decided to make our lunch break here, and pay attention to the luxury picnic!




To be able in December to pose for a mini siesta in the sun is still a sacred luxury! It left for the continuation of the hike ..

We’ll walk a few more hours, we’ll lose ourselves because we will not read the panels, too busy to chat! We will arrive at nightfall but we were treated to a beautiful sunset! A beautiful day, beautiful scenery, beautiful body aches the next day but it’s worth it! Still plan the day to be quiet!

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