And in 5 years?

A few days ago I received a comment on the blog with a question that is often asked me right now: where do you see you in 5 years? What glues guys seriously! I’ve talked a lot about the past with my 30-year article, but it’s time to talk about the future. To talk about tomorrow. From what I will like for the next 5 years. You are right.

Let’s already answer the big question that everyone asks and that you ask me often: do I see myself doing my life in Canada? Well, to be completely honest I have no idea. I am currently applying for the permanent residency which will allow me to stay after my current visa. But like you I do not know what the future holds for me. I do not know what opportunities will come my way. The answer I give today is that my visibility is limited to the next 5 years and that yes for the next 5 years I see myself living in Toronto. As you know I started a new job at the beginning of the year, I work for a very good company, a job that looks like me, that allows me to evolve, that allows me to be flexible and that allows me to project me here more than with an alimentary and temporary job. Then I’m single and so I have a thousand possible scenarios in a city like Toronto (if you’re single in Toronto you know it’s only an expression, we do not have many options but I’ll come back in an article;)). Who knows maybe my prince charming hides in Toronto (the rogue he is world champion peak a boo!).


Almost 3 years ago when I moved back to France I wanted to be self-employed when I turn 30. I come from a family of entrepreneurs, independence is something very important for us. I wanted to be able to reconcile my travel desires with my work and be able to work from all over the world. A few months later I became an independent. So yes it was not really the goal we agree but ultimately it’s even better: I have the opportunity to work on all projects that I like while keeping a security employee which suits me perfectly. Perfectly for the moment I hear. I did not forget about my desire for independence, I just reorganized my goals by adapting them to the opportunities that I met in my path. Having the opportunity to reconcile the two for the moment suits me perfectly.


In 5 years I see myself more fulfilled in my professional life, I hope to have found someone to share a part of the way with me of course. Above all, I want to be always surrounded. I wish to take advantage of all those years that I spent looking for myself. I wish myself more happiness than in the last 5 years. In bulk I wish to have started to visit Asia, I hope to have found the courage to jump in parachute. I would have more tattoos. I may be Canadian if the laws do not change by then. I hope I will own a place in France or Canada.

And you ? Tell me everything and we’ll meet again in 5 years to take stock!

Love love my little wolves!

Ps: I write without glasses because I had the good idea to make a mask before starting the article. This is where I realize that my glasses, which are often dirty, are effective (who has glasses that are always clean? You’ll have to explain me your technique).

Ps2: I’m really thinking about changing the design of the blog, I can not stand it anymore but I will not have time until June and it lifts me a little bit! So patience is going to make it guys, we’ll be at the top for this summer!


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