Where to travel in Europe?


By moving to Canada in 2014 and even more by coming back in 2017 I realized one thing. Europe is still very convenient for traveling! In France it is easy to fly 1h30 / 2h from a lot of destinations rather cool! I have the impression that I haven’t take advantage of it. I thought I could make you a top 10 destinations on where to travel in Europe. My suitcase is ready we take off!



For two years it is a destination very fashionable and I admit that by seeing scrolling pictures of others on my phone I also want to go to visit Porto or Lisbon. I rather traveled to Spain at a younger age, I learned Spanish from my 8 to my 21 years so I had several opportunities to go there and then the holidays once bigger. Brief Portugal number 1 in my list of countries to visit if I was in France. The colorful little streets and the proximity to the ocean are no signs? To stay on site take a look at the site Voyage Privé, they offer offers really cannons!


It’s been a long-time trip, we had talked to my cousin a few times before my new move to Toronto but we could not afford our diaries. It’s a city full of history and a very special atmosphere from what I’ve heard. It also seems that it is a very pleasant city to live for young people.


This is in my list, I have also heard a lot of good and I would like to be left out of this side of Europe that I do not know at all. I am very curious about the cold side of Denmark. Of course I would also like to visit out of town to discover the more authentic side as I could do in Ireland.


When I hear Amsterdam I mean bike ride on the canalside, do not you? I imagine that the city has many other nice things to offer but I can not take this image of the head. The streets look so pretty and exotic. I also want to visit the Museum dedicated to Anne Franck, I was so upset by her younger diary. I should read it again with my adult eyes.


Italy is a common destination when we live in the South East of France and yet I went there only one day very quickly. As for Portugal I was attracted very young by Spain and I abandoned his 2 neighbors who yet look beautiful to visit. Now I have to choose the destination city … Or a Fiat 500 road trip all over Italy?



My travels are decided by the opportunities. People I meet, whom I can visit. I met a swedish man during my first year in Canada and on his return to Sweden I visited through his Snapchat look and I liked the insights I got! A good idea of where to travel in Europe!


Our beautiful island of Beauty promised one day I will come to visit you. I will come to taste your culinary specialties and discover your beautiful landscapes. Your beaches so famous. I hear about it since I was very small so much to tell you that I am super ready for Corsica!


This is one of the parts of Spain that I did not do and that attracts me a lot. Spain is very good memories, it is the skin that smells of the sun, the cocktails (at the time I still drank alcohol), the evenings that end at the end of the night, the returns of evenings along the beach. Ah Spain you have so much to offer.


I confess I do not know much about Prague, but when I was younger, I heard about it from friends of my family who came to visit France. The girl who was visiting us lived there or went there to visit. I do not know anymore but I was young, this girl was probably the age I have today and she marked me. In short I would go to Prague to do like that girl I do not even know.


In Canada I had the opportunity to meet several greeks who have all praised the merits of their islands. The pictures that I could see only confirmed that it was a place I wanted to visit. In charge of history it’s really a country that makes me dream.

I limited my list to 10 because I did not want to monopolize your attention for the next 12 hours. But I really think I would like to explore every corner of Europe. Hope this guide of where to travel in Europe helps! A few weeks ago I was in France but I did not have time to leave France, however I’m already thinking about my next visit and I would like to offer myself a few days in one of the destinations mentioned above . Even without leaving France I would like to explore areas that I do not know at all as Brittany, Southwest or Alsace. Finally you have understood I have a long list as the arm of places to visit. I have validated 3 new destinations for this year, I can not wait to take you there with me.

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