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10 cities to visit in France

A few months ago I told you about the countries I would like to visit in Europe if I was back to live there. To be completely honest before even attacking Europe I would like to discover or rediscover corners of France that I know little. Before leaving I did not necessarily realize the great diversity offered by our beautiful France. Here I meet people from all over the country and we learn more about our differences: cultural, food but also vocabulary!


It’s really the number one city that I want to visit in France, I hear good for years, I see photos everywhere on Social Media that confirm that I have to go to discover this beautiful city of South West . And discover the culinary specialties!


I have already had the opportunity to visit Marseille several times, I told you about it in this article. I was surprised by what the city has to offer, far from what can be heard. The Vallon des Auffres is really my favorite place! I would like to spend more time there to just wander and enjoy the good waves of the South.


Toulouse, Toulouse, Toulouse … I left you my arcade at 10, that’s when I broke the arcade for those who had followed this conversation a few months ago in my Instastories. I was very young during my one and only visit to the pink city but I keep a very good memory! Big plus: one of my friends from Toronto is from Toulouse, I now have an official guide!


The hometown of one of my very good friends, Jaja. You have seen her a million times in my stories when we lived in Valence. She is a really good ambassador for her city, Nantes is now on my top 10 cities that I want to visit during my next trips to France! This is a side of France that I do not know at all and I am really curious to go to discover this region.


I visited the city twice for professional reasons during my 3 years as a sale rep. Our head office was in Alsace. What a change of scenery! The drive was a real headache: but how do you pronounce these cities names? ^^ I would really like to go back as a tourist and especially for the Christmas time.


The French city that sounds Spanish! A city that smells of the sun, that makes you want terrace, friends and apeéo really! I do not know the city at all but I want to walk and breathe the sun (yes when you live in Canada you dream of sun).


I spent my summers from my youngest age in Cannes, I have memories to spare with my brother and sister. I remember one time, I had to have a decade, I proudly walked the steps of the Palais des Festivals, an old gentleman smoking a big cigar told me: you train for later? Well he did not give me a date I still hope to go up the stairs one day ^^.


We can not say that it is far from Valencia and yet I never had the opportunity, or took the time to be honest, to visit Annecy. The lake, the pretty flowered streets, the mountain. I really want to visit this beautiful city.

Aix en Provence

When I worked for the Alsatian company I depended on the South team and our meetings were held in Salon de Provence or Aix. I never had the opportunity to visit Aix but during my visits I loved to feel the city of the south, the sun, the small streets, the singing accent, the big fountain. In short Aix en Provence I’ll come back and say hello!


No particular reason for Deauville, I do not know anyone there, I do not know the city at all but this city releases something magical: a retro look, a weekend tune away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a last minute surprise weekend, a romantic weekend. In short Deauville makes me dream even have no idea what the city looks like!

Tell me about your cities, share your tips as I extend my list!

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