I have not finished telling you about Ireland, after Dublin and the wedding I wanted to share with you the rest of my stay. Especially since it is one of my favorite parts: the Irish countryside. I was staying in Mullingar an hour from Dublin. 20 000 inhabitants but looks like a village, you can find it very quickly, you feel at ease, everyone knows each other. Just a few days after my arrival I was already seeing people I knew. I was not very proud you can believe me. Their coffee shop is also super nice, I asked a few hours to work calmly, I loved the atmosphere.


After working well, enjoy a muffin 3 chocolates and a hot chocolate dusted with marshmallows. Yes here a hot chocolate without marshmallows is not a hot chocolate worthy of the name, know it. It’s a little bizarre melted taste in hot chocolate but where is the interest to travel if not to test local customs? As a result of this culinary discovery I dropped my iPad and my notes to explore the city. I discovered a beautiful park in the center.


It was a little frozen, the passers-by walked, in the children’s play space above the children were having fun. I walked around, the air was very cool. There was a wedding in the hotel across the street. It was nice.

Then I went up the street, I had already explored the city a little the second day when I was gone in search of a store to buy an Irish SIM card. I told you about it on Snapchat but I repeat here: the good plan not to explode your phone plans is really to get a local SIM card. You will be able to take full advantage of your phone and not give up your desire to share your trip on social networks for example without having to eat potatoes on returning because of the phone bill 😉


We are in real Ireland, typical Ireland, pubs are numerous, bricks are everywhere, the color of the walls is a mixture of green and gray, I fell in love with these stones and I would have loved to shoot a Look out there, it was full of character. But hey you can not do everything (especially when you have to travel with 15kg for 10 days ^^).


In fact I think the word that I remember of my walk in the city center is authenticity. Everything has been there for so long, traditional and values are very present in Ireland, the Irish are very attached to their customs and respect them very much. As much as I was dubious about Dublin so much I have no doubt about my love of the back country of Ireland.


Mullingar is also a lake a few steps from the house of my friend, Lough Ennell of his small name. We went on the first of January. I thought I was really happy (I was tempted to use the word lucky but you know how I do not like that word) to spend the first day of 2017 in such a beautiful place. A year that will be marked by the travels, the discoveries and the meetings I am sure. What better way to start with the immensity of water?


Difficult to talk about these pictures so much they speak of themselves. They inspire me with freedom, the immensity of possibilities, the absence of limits, the grandeur of nature, calmness and calm. Life.

We had fun with the reflections of the water, the sunset and our silhouettes and I must say that we were several proud of the result. A nice digestive stroll after two days of festivities was really no refusal. You did not react badly on Snapchat when I showed you where I was, you loved the place you too. Who would not love?


If you are passing through the area I highly recommend this trip, I will also speak to you in the last article on Ireland of another walk not far from here and my visit to Galway. I try not to post endless articles to read, then we cut into several posts;)


I leave you with all these beautiful images that will put your eyes full. Soothe yourself, enjoy these wide open spaces, take a breath of fresh air. Breathe.

Belle soirée mes petits loups à frange.







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