First time in New York

After introducing you to a New York city guide to help you plan your vacation I will tell you about my New York. The New York I dreamed of for years. The love story that one manages to maintain with this city without even to have laid down a single foot. How one can have a crazy desire to go there and how one can find oneself dumb when faced with it. Baby I was in New York. Let me tell you all about my first time in New York.


Discovering New York is like all the first encounters. We do not know each other. We are looking for, we wonder if we can trust each other. We discover ourselves. We discover our qualities and our mistakes as the districts of the city. We pass a course. We begin to know what we really like about the person, which we like less. We have enough elements to get an opinion. Whether we will continue together or not. If we come back. New York we will meet again for sure. I still have many facets to discover. This phase of discovery makes me want to know more.


New York is the city of a thousand and one dreams. On the one hand those who dream of a new life, on the other they live their dreams. It’s the kind of city that lets you believe everything is possible, she’s so right you never know what life holds for you. Every day she is admired by thousands of tourists who make her acquaintance for the first time. These same tourists who like me have the impression of knowing the city through the movies. Who recognize places of their favorite series. Who remember that this building or bridge was destroyed in such a film. Everyone has their own story with New York. So even if everything is not possible in the city or in the present moment let yourself be inspired by this atmosphere, let yourself be carried by the projects that are born from all around you. Allow yourself to dream. To dream big. As big as the sky.


Let’s talk about this look in New York, the evidence of this shirt and her writing in the back with my year of birth, no doubt she was just waiting for me at Times Square’s Foverer 21. Well she was waiting for a slightly more round version of me as it is an XL size. But I liked the super loose side! You validate? Side trousers I played the simplicity with a black slim high waist (we do not realize how high a waist can protect the cold and wind ^^). We do not see too much on the pictures but it is a little black marble effect. My watch Daniel Wellington love, big fat blow of heart she came to join me for my 29 years just before I left, a very nice birthday gift.

ootd lookbook

What did you think about your first visit to New York or how do you imagine it?

Belle soirée mes petits loups à frange.

Pictures: Thanks Mag <3

Shirt: Forever 21 – Pants: Forever 21 – Shoes: Nike Internationalist – Montre: Daniel Wellington





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