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What changed when you live in Canada ?

Before you decided to move to Canada you should read that and get ready, I wait for your advices 😉


  1. For the first time in your life you finish your lip chap in 3 months.
  2. Every morning looks like a strategy game to dress up.
  3. You feel the weather is okay when it’s -10..
  4. You will have to accept to wear ugly shoes because there is no beautiful shoes which are enough warm for -20.


5. You will need twice of the regular time to get dress and undress since you have so many clothes.

6. You will worship the polar tights creator.

7. You will learn than even if there is so much snow it could snow again.


8. You will be excited by the first snow, a little bit less by the nineth.

IMG_4451 9. During a year you can experience 70 degrees difference.

10. You will discover  that your iPhone doesn’t make the difference between cold and hot since it says it’s too warm when it’s -30..

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