Welcome 2017

It’s all over again! Bye by the madness of Christmas and New Year’s Day, hello sofa parties in front of a movie, bye bye chocolates, hello vegetables, bye bye the 15 bottles of wine on the Christmas table, hello detox herbal teas. January is for many synonymous with rest and well being. This is one of the calm months of the year, the weather does not allow to hang out hours to gossip. Preference is given to more cocooning moments; A hot chocolate, friends, a soft sofa. Welcome 2017!

It is from an Irish coffee shop that I am writing to you. Warm, with sound background music heard in English movies like Bridget Jones or Love Actually that we love to see and review especially at this time of year. You know me I’m like a fish in the water!

But I will tell you more about this stay in Ireland on my return, I fill in the camera of memories to share with you, meanwhile you can always follow some of it on Snapchat: FringintoBlog!

After my article 2016 review a few days ago it is time to look to the future, to wish the best for 2017. I do not remember the last time I made resolutions for the new year. This must surely go back years back. At the time when I was still looking for my way and especially that I was looking for things to follow to be fulfilled. Since I have understood that there is no need to wait for the first day of a new year to move her little buttocks and change things that do not work. I understood that what makes a person happy will not necessarily make me happy. That there is no universal rule to be fulfilled. That I must follow only my instinct. Let others inspire me and guide me but do not impose a standard that does not suit me. It’s a really hard balance to find. It is above all to learn to know oneself.

Giving yourself goals is important but do not be too hard on yourself, give yourself goals that can be achieved. Do things step by step. Listen to you. Balance yourself between too much and not enough. Ask for help when you feel the need. Take time to succeed. Remember that time will pass whatever happens, so you have nothing to lose. Do not leave in the place to the unspoken, talk, say what you feel, do not keep everything to yourself, nobody wants to be a pressure cooker.

2017 starts with the last look shot in 2016 on Christmas day by my brother, I even managed to take a picture of it which is a real miracle Christmas! I think in this family I took the whole photo part, since my youngest age I rush as soon as I see a goal. On the contrary, the rest of my family goes in the other direction ^^.

This Promod skirt found at 15 € instead of 30, I wanted one for a while without seeing any favorite, it is done. The rest you already know nothing very new. Suitcase for Canada in a little less than 2 months … So I do not have to buy anything by then! On this subject I thought to redo a dressing empty on Facebook to help me lighten my suitcase, so stay in the corner if you are interested!

Excellente soirée mes petits loups à frange and good luck for the ones who just go back to work.

Perfecto: Abercrombie & Fitch – Top: Jennyfer – Skirt: Promod – Boots: Cassis – Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs


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