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Weekend in Ardèche


A week ago with friends we confronted the turns of the Eyrieux valley to meet us on the plateau ardéchois. These corners I practice since my birth, I spent summers, Easter Sunday, evenings in front of the fireplace, bathing in the lake or even strolling through field. I spent hours with my family to discover what the Ardeche has the most beautiful to offer us.

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Ten days ago Guillaume from TV07 spent a day by my side and asked me which was my favorite place in Ardèche, without any hesitation the Ardèche plateau is my favorite Ardeche.

I like the serenity that reigns once there. The hamlet where the house throne for more than 200 years is still what is called a white area. There are no telephone companies. I love the fresh air you can hardly feel with your feet out of the car. Whether summer or winter the air is always cooler than in the valley of the Rhone, in November we could even be surprised by the snow as last year (we were there at the same time period) but it is a great sun that we met on Saturday and a rainy but happy Sunday.


It is funny as paradoxically the open air always makes me a good crazy and exhausts me at the same time. I am always washed, attention I am leached in a very positive way, the open air has the power to recharge your batteries and bring you a real and good fatigue. I highly recommend it ! Book your next weekend in Ardèche quickly, do not wait to fall in love with this beautiful region.

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Here are my 3 recommendations for a weekend on the Arcens side.

  • The lake of Saint Martial

In November the lake is empty, the cries of the children and the pedalos left at the same time as the school year. It is very quiet and relaxing at this time of year. Plan a picnic, a book, buddies with a chat or a camera to enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn. If the weather is fine you will need a towel and your sunglasses. In all seasons you can enjoy the pétanque, football or volleyball courts.

Access to the lake is free.

lac de saint martial Ardèche

  • The Mont Gerbier de Jonc

It is the symbol of the Ardèche plateau, it overlooks the plateau and offers an incredible view. It is in this place, quiet and open air that the Loire takes its source, in our Ardeche the nest of the longest French river. The climb is made along a marked path but not accessible to all (the video at the end of the article is more explicit). At 1551 meters altitude a 360 ° view of the volcanic lands will take your breath away. Next time I would really like to attend the sunrise up there.

Classified since 1933 it is after the Gorges de l’Ardèche the most visited site in Ardèche.

mont gerbier de jonc ardèche

  • The Ray Pic waterfall

I definitely wanted to go but we did not have time to get closer. The November days are far too short! The sight of the belvedere does not spoil the beauty of the spectacle but I highly recommend you to approach as much as possible. From here the colors blend wonderfully and the different textures agree. One can see the work of autumn which has stripped the trees of their beautiful leaves.

For information it is a volcanic site classified since 1931.

cascade ray pic ardèche

Back on video on our ardéchoises walks.

A weekend of resurrection and indispensable at a time when our lives always go very fast. Between tartiflette, caillettes, sausages, naps and walks these two days were a success. I would have plenty of other suggestions to make you but the idea was to rest then no weekend overloaded;)

If you like this weekend in Ardèche you will find even more information about Ardèche Guide.

Belle soirée mes petits loups à frange.


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