Fringinto Babel Break

Fringinto Babel Break !

Sunday, November 13, there was an event that I had for several months in mind: the Fringinto Babel Break! An event around languages and travel. For a while I wanted to create an opportunity to bring together expatriates from Valence and Valentinois to help integrate the former but also to allow the latter to practice foreign languages.

Fringinto Babel Break

And what better place than the Alix Coffee to host this event? Some expats had already taken their habits in my favorite coffee shop! The principle was simple: we chat in the language we want but every 20 minutes we rang the bell for the guests to move. A good way for everyone to get to know each other and sort of his comfort zone. For a first edition we managed to bring together 6 different nationalities: American, English, Australian, French, Italian and Swiss German. More than 30 people gathered around the best hot chocolates in Valencia (I have my small preferences but I leave you the whole mystery it will be necessary to taste them all to choose the best;)).

alix coffee valence fringinto café langues

For those who follow me on Snapchat you could follow the creation of this beautiful panel that represents the trip well! I can tell you that we had a good laugh to get there from a palette! I am lucky to have a dad and a brother always ready to give me a hand. I must admit that I am rather proud of the result;)

communauté anglophone valence

It was a nice first edition, initially we had planned with the Alix Coffee that this would be a one-time event. However, considering the success of this edition and the number of messages received, we decided to propose a new date in December: Sunday 18! I invite you to join the event on Facebook here.


Crédits photo: Alison Bounce

 communauté langues valence fringinto

alix coffee valence fringinto

alix coffee valence

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