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Last article on the Valence series before leaving. Not the last one about Valence because I hope to be able to continue to share some info, restaurants or even while being away. This time I answer the questions that come up most often about Valence, France. I do not have any answers to all but if you do not hesitate to add them to comment I will be happy to complete with your name and all that 🙂


Why should expats choose Valence as a city of return? Anne.

Valencia is a city on a human scale and above all central. Whether you like skiing or the beach you will be 1h30 from each activity. You like to travel ? In 30 minutes you can be at the airport of Lyon by train. You can very easily go to Lyon, Avignon, Marseille, Montpellier by train too. If you like hiking and the great outdoors the Ardeche and Drôme will have a lot to offer you. The city is pleasant to live and more and more active at the event level.

What nice neighborhoods for newcomers to Valence? Anne.

I lived behind the town hall and also avenue Victor Hugo (towards the former Audi concession) 2 completely different neighborhoods, the first is very convenient if you do not have a car since you can do everything on foot and you are quickly Pole Bus. The second is ideal if you work outside Valencia, highway at 5 minutes. If I had to recommend I would say around the Town Hall and the Comédie, Châteauvert (especially with children, you can go downtown by foot or by bike very easily), Le Grand Charran that I know less but that has good publicity. Of course, all along the avenue Victor Hugo although the parking places are not always very numerous. Think of parallel streets that are cheaper, but equally well located. Generally the city center.

A nice and original place to share a drink with friends? Tiffany

This question comes up very often, I go out much less but I still enjoy a drink with friends. So if I had to choose I would say Le Bancel and Le Trois for a more cozy atmosphere, the Peyroutas to be able to dance a little. Then out of the city center you will find Capsules et Bouchons, Le Barok, of course the So Party of the Essentiel.

Organic places: restaurants, clothing and food signs to recommend? Muriel

So I have been able to serve in different signs over the years, Satoriz for accessibility when I am on the Ardeche side since they are in the Pôle 2000 area of ​​Saint Péray. Choice of a welcoming staff. I am also a customer of the big Markal, their cash shop bio Markal on the edges of the fast track is also very complete. Finally I frequented Biocoop when I live avenue Victor Hugo, less complete but very good for a shop in town. To finish a shop not tested but well located rue des Alpes: Nature et Santé.

For restaurants I recently tried the Satoriz restaurant, very good!

For those who are clothing I only know the shop Ethique in Valence, untested.


The best place for a spa? Marie.

I have difficulty going to the spa I have the buggy I get bored quickly to stay without moving. So I will not be the best person to advise. I tested the Spa Oceane complex in Bourg de Péage and the aquatic area Linaë of Tain l’Hermitage and I confess I have a hard time choosing. No luck for the second the hammam was broken (that’s because I prefer more ^^). Nearly similar rates, accessible parking, well located. Bourg de Péage offers two saunas and two hammam rooms with 2 different temperatures. Tain l’Hermitage offers an indoor water slide next to the pool, sauna rooms are larger as well. My advice ? Test both;)

A nice new address for a dinner with friends? AnneSo

So lately we returned between friends at the Miam in Bourg les Valence, always a very nice welcome, nice decor, we ate very well. Afterwards for all the other addresses I refer you to my articles “Where to eat in Valence?”.

Any good plans for newcomers? Morgan.

Olallaaaaaa the difficult question, I try to share a max on the blog, on Facebook, after it is necessary to play sports, listen to NRJ Valley of the Rhone who speaks a lot of what is going around, read who speaks Also of Valentine life. And then things are done little by little. Otherwise there is always my article “City Guide: Valence

The best places to go for a walk? With children? Amandine.

The Viarhona, the park of the Epervière, the Jouvet Park, the Crussol castle and the canals. With or without children. I had published an article about the places to run, this article also adapts to the walks it is enough to go slower 😉 (My god it is funny ^^), to reread it’s here.


An idea for a romantic dinner? Fred.

Good if you follow me regularly on Snapchat you also know that I dine more with my friends than in love (without lovers it is immediately more complicated ^^ but remember me I am single, I’m fine.) But I still have some ideas! The Grand ‘Rue, Flaveurs, Petite Fabrique would be my top 3! The budgets of the 3 are different to fit all scholarships!

A place when you have toddlers, before there was the toddlers’ counter but now to find a good place to land with a stroller and where you can change the loulous and breastfeeding it is impossible … Blow I renounce a valence it is stupid !! Elodie.

So I will not be the best person to answer, but I ask the question so that other people can answer it 🙂

MAJ by Cécilia who tells us that recently the Biscuithé opened at Chateauvert, here is their Facebook page.

Activities to do with children? Fred.

So it all depends on the age of course but I think of the walks already mentioned above, in the World of Merlin and Savannah (are you impressed by my culture? ^^ I am amazed myself!). I am not at all an expert in this field but I can advise you workshops at Mamie dans Les Orties street Bouffier.


Your valentinois monument fetish or heritage element? Daphne.

Undoubtedly the kiosk, I love the view it can give on the city or on the Ardèche. In this way I am a bit in the Drôme and Ardèche at the same time. Then the House of the Heads, a true blow of heart for the interior. You can also review the interior in this article during my visit to France 3.

What would you like to improve in Valence? Alison.

I would like people to learn to appreciate their city, to show it instead of denigrating it. But I feel that things have already changed in 18 months, we are on the right path. With the blog I’ve had a lot of positive feedback about the city and it’s great to see that things are moving. Let the Valentinois also take more initiative to organize events!

Then I would like to have more coffee shop and places that offer brunch, history that we can have more choices. I would like people to communicate more about their story events than people are not aware of after the event. I wish we could support the city center, too many places close and nothing replace them. The city center dies little by little.

Finally, I will see the opening of new restaurants on the Boulevard d’Alsace, the main pedestrian streets are very good and we could finally have another corner restaurants, the boulevard would resume life could be great also in summer to enjoy the nice weather. (I stole the idea to my best friend but as I approve I thought I could share it to you ^^)


The question that surely took me the most time: why does the commercial area of ​​Couleures take an E? Ch.

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaam the question to 100,000! After launching a Twitter call, called to rescue the girls from the Tourist Office, contacted a number that was actually a hotel, having had to phone Valencia Romans Agglo I had the economy service that explained to me. .. I spare the suspense I know. Well the E would only come from a desire for differentiation. Yes it is as stupid as that, it is only to differentiate itself from the word “color”. Ok you expect a cooler stuff? Me too but see things in a positive way: we have the answer to a question we all asked ourselves at least once (especially when the automatic corrector of the phone writes you snakes instead of … #truestory).

At the same time, I asked the question about Snapchat and I had a different version. According to Julie pure valentinoise the name would just come from the word snakes (our phones were not so far finally). The latter were apparently very present on this terrain, as often the names of the zones have relation with the history of the ground, the manufacturers preferred to opt for the name couleures rather than snakes. A little more seller indeed. Well informed she keeps this information from the association of traders of the zone.

Thanks to all for playing the game questions, I hope to have brought some extra information! If you have other questions do not hesitate I could update this article regularly 🙂

Belle soirée mes petits loups à frange.

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