Amazed by the Ardèche part 2

Continuation of my stay with the ADT of Ardèche at the beginning of the month (re-read the first article), a day around the Toques d’Ardèche. You do not know them? These are 8 chief Ardèche owners dispersed throughout the department. They share the same passion for restoration but also for the Ardèche and good products. They value what our department has most beautiful to offer. Let’s be amazed by Ardèche.


The appointment is given at 9.30 am at the Domaine Jean Luc Colombo in Cornas, the Toqués are already there, after a quick round table where everyone presents Laure Colombo the mistress of ceremony presents the different bottles of wine that the team of Toqués will have at his disposal to create his new cuvee. We start the day with a tasting, we observe the chefs take notes and start the different associations. Within a few hours we see the new cuvée being born, everyone looks happy and proud to have fulfilled his mission.

It is time to leave the place to visit the vineyards, it is a team full of good humor that moves away on the heights of Cornas. The view is breathtaking, serenity is at the rendezvous, one is in the middle of the vines far from everything, one feels a real complicity between the Toques, it is a little band of pals passionate about the kitchen. At the beginning they were only 2. At the beginning of this day they were 8. At the end of the day they will be 11. This event had as main goal of enthrone the 3 new Toqués, whose first woman it is important to underline it 😉

It is in an idyllic setting that we have the pleasure to taste very good products of the soil, although I know these products since always I do not get tired of it. I love sausage it really is one of the products that will prevent me from one day becoming a vegetarian, let us hear well I speak of the real artisanal sausage not the one in a plastic bag in supermarket. Pâté, caillette, olives, bread, wine, to discover the richnesses of the department for journalists and bloggers from other regions.

We chatted, we laugh, we feast, but the day is not over we are expected for lunch in the family home Colombo, a huge table is raised, the fireplace is monumental, it occupies a prominent place in the room, Gives it a superb cachet. While the meat cooked in the chimney fire the new chefs to join the Toqués offer us a workshop verrines (for the record all the verrines fell from the trunk of a car and broke on the ground … great moment of loneliness But also start laughing!) They have prepared everything and guide us to compose. A great time to share.

I enjoy the view, I take pictures, I chat, the new members of Toqués are officially welcomed in the team. The atmosphere is really good, we enjoy with the different plans but also the 3 or 4 desserts. I think I’ve never eaten as much in 2 days but when everything is good it’s hard to refuse let’s be honest.

Really a very nice day to learn more about Ardèche gastronomy, to discover people from all over France and even Belgium. Thank you again for the welcome the Toqués, the Colombo family and of course the ADT of the Ardèche for the invitation.

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