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I didn’t talk about Toronto for a long time even I have many things to tell you. But last week I couldn’t avoid Toronto: Suicide Squad trailer is now online. And now you are asking yourself: Ok and ? What is your point ? The point is that movie was filmed in Toronto. Will Smith and his team lived during 6 months in Toronto last year to film the movie. No one in town couldn’t avoid it since it was so big, every week tons of people came to watch. Come with me to Suicide Squad filming!

Toronto is known to be very american, that’s make easier producer’s lifes. Canada is cheaper than US to film but they can still tell you it’s America. Street from Toronto,street from NY, on the movie you will never see the difference. RoboCop, Saw 2 et 3, Un amour à New York, Virgin Suicides, X-Men, Le Monde Perdu (Jurrasic Park) or even l’incroyable Hulk were filmed in Toronto’s streets. Did you know that ?

Movies are filmed all time and you don’t even notice, except some interdiction to park in some streets, nothing extraordinary. But when Will Smith, Jared Leto and friends are in town you can’t miss them .. One example ? They put a crash plane scene in the middle of the street. Yes you read well ! AMAZING !

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And that was no enought .. They also put an helicopter:

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Informations came really quickly online, a lot of people came trying to see something, it was often at night, several times I tried to see something. But when the actors were there everthing was perfectly hide that we couldn’t see any scenes in avant-premiere. People were waiting for hours, some of them finally had selfies with Will Smith around 5.00am. Personally I first had the chance to see how they changed everything before a scene, like the name of the Time Horton to become a regular coffee shop, not Canadian coffee shop anymore.

And one night we read that the Batmobile will be on Yonge Street .. Ok why not, it was my last week at work I could go to bed late if I wanna to see Batman’s car !

It was very long, we wait from 9 pm to 2.30am looking at all the staff working hard. Around 11pm police adivce that the Batmobile is coming and we are going to be able to talk pictures and videos. That way they probably think we are going to leave, they want more space around the street. Every 100m someone from the filming company is here to tell us to stay behind the line. And finally she arrives .. I was really impressed I never thought she was so tall !


After people left but we stayed. We didn’t wait so long for nothing. First round a car with smoke drives by, second all the cars from Gotham City, couple times, and finally a huge Mercedes SUV driving so fast et filming the view we will have inside the car, and the Joker’s car is finally coming, all shiny ! Several others cars and we could here it from far away .. BATMOBILE is coming 🙂

To be able to see a filming movie, even if it was a small part, is so amazing ! I was like a kid during Christmas time when I saw the teaser online. It’s incredible to see what they have done with everything we saw. Now let’s wait until August 2016, for sure I will be on theater August 5th 😉

An others beautiful torontian memories.Encore un très beau souvenir torontois ..

Did you already see filming movies ? Are you going to watch the movie ?

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