Record: Valence 10km

The ones who follow me on social medias (if not you can go now: Instagram & Facebook) already know that this weekend was a big weekend for me: I was running my first official run .. I don’t speak about sport on the blog but more on my social medias. These same medias which helped me a lot when I (finally) decided to workout seriously, because there is a real community like you and me who when to start, who doesn’t really know how, who is scared and need support. With these communities I found advices and challenges to help me moving forward.

Between this day from December 2014 in Toronto where I discovered Anne Dubndidu, amazing French blogger, supportive and overall very realistic, and this September 26th, in Valence, where I ran 10K a lot happened. First I realized, second I changed my food, a new feeling, challenges, workout at the gym, my very first runs outside on the canadian floor (not before April, before snow was there, and snow is sliding 😉 ), and this beautiful achievement with the Mud Hero (Read it again), 6K obstacle run between mud and climbing, yoga classes with my lovely roommate. I live for my next challenge so I decided last spring that I will participate at Valence 10K. I had couple months to get ready except these months were kind of crazy (2 weeks in US, I moved back in France, a summer trying to survive with French weather and the French lifestyle (I thought I will die for my first French run with 30 degrees, I think one of my friend remembers), a unstable profesional life since few weeks) and finally September 26th arrived really fast (and stress just the day before too!)

But I did it ! Let’s be honest it was not easy but without difficulties you are going to become stronger, and you feel less happy and proud ! After years being really against all activies which involves athletic clothes or sneakers I’m finally happy to buy nice outfit to workout, I prouf of my improvement, I’m going farest and I’m happy. That’s the only thing which really matter.

Couples questions are always coming back on my social medias or my daily life: how did you have the click ?

Living in Canada helped me a lot, there sport is almost a religion, on the morning you will easily find people with their purses in one hand and their gym bags in the other one in their way to work.So you finally ask yourself: why not me ? But this moment was really after my bestfriend visited me in November 2014 (Read it again), after we ate all the fast food in Toronto during 3 weeks I felt so bad, my belly was paintful, like it was ready to explose, my skin was dull: let’s be honest I didn’t look really healthy. A this point I realize I have to change it. I started working out in the small gym room we had in our building but quickly it was not enough I needed more machines to follow my improvement. During 3-4 months I went 3 times a week at the gym during 1 hour and half/ 2 hours and I didn’t wait to long to see the changes. And the first satisfactions too: I’m able to modify my body and to do something which help me to feel better? Let’s do it again !

I think my motivation came from differrent ways: first I have a strong temperament which help me going trough a lot and which doesn’t really accept to fail. Social Medias were an amazing motor, girls supporting at each other, sharing advices, recipes, deception and successes. And to be able to appropriate my body to change it: bye bye ugly skin !

These 10K are the beggining of a new and wonderful adventure; the official runs, and do you know a better place than the one you grew up ? A good organization, 2 options: 5 or 10K, fruits and water to help us, nice volunteers, a lot of person supporting us and a good atmosphere (thanks to the girl who supported me at kilometer 7 when I was tired and gave me her energy), for my first official one I’m really happy! The only thing I can say: too bad we didn’t get a shirt as reminder of the race, and a medal for the finishers, because I remember how proud I was with it after the Mud Hero in the subway (I never though I will be happy to walk on the subway with mud everywhere on me). After I’m agree that the price will not be 11€ anymore to have all these stuffs, but I think everything will be agree to pay a little bit more to have a souvenir 😉 I finish in 1h07, 358/409 for the women !

I think all of you for your comments on Instagram, Facebook, your textes to support me, sport is amazing for that ! You are all so adorable ! A special thanks to my 2 official photographers, I tried to smile as much as I could 😉

A this occasion I heard a lot of girls say that they don’t have the motivation to run alone, sometimes they are scared. It’s why with my friend Lisa we will run with other girls October 11th at 10.30am in Valence ! Runners begginners or experimented you are more than welcome to meet us ! Details on my Facebook page !

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