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Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Transgender. Words. Labels to designate a difference. We all have differences. Your blond colleague, your neighbor and his freckles, your athletic-looking cousin. Your baker who prefers great men. Your office neighbor with dull skin. Your opponent in the tournament with long hair balls. Your friend who loves men. Your niece who loves women. Your doctor who loves men and women. Your hobbyist who decided to change sex. More than 7 billion human beings share the Earth. Imagine a world where we would all have the same ideas, the same tastes, the same dreams. Do not you see a world that is boring and tasteless?


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I grew up with homosexuality. Very young I knew that this difference existed, that even though a majority of the couples around me were composed of two people of different sexes some couples consisted of two people of the same sex. Why ? Because they loved each other. At that time I was still a child, I did not realize that some people could think that these people who loved themselves were doing something wrong. For a long time I did not realize that what did not matter to me could disturb some narrow minds.


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During the protests against marriage for all I saw and heard things that shocked me. Between many examples a car of a particular parked not far from the business of one of my clients who clearly displayed without subtlety that he was against. Against what exactly? Against the fact that two people of the same sex love each other? Two people who make each other happy? Two people who feel complete together? Two people who bring love and support? Two people struggling together to break prejudices and who often feel forced not to hold hands with their partner not to offend evil spirits who have already repeatedly shown how stupid and / or violent they may be . Every time I find myself face to face with homophobic I hear the same unfounded arguments: “It’s not natural, it was Adam and Eve not Adam and Robert, it disgusts me, it’s not normal, c Is a disease “. I like to ask them how the lives of a same-sex couple impact their lives? Often the answers are as meaningless as the previous ones. The truth is that homosexuality, bisexuality, trans-sexuality have no impact on your life.


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I have since my late teens close gay friends, some have mid years before daring to talk about it, others have told me their secret, others are proud to introduce me to their partner. I have always tried to make sure to offer them a haven of peace, here we love you as you are. I learned a lot from them, I’m proud and both upset about having to be proud of them. I wish that we no longer feel proud for our friends who dare to show up and who are assuming. I dream of a world where being homosexual will be simpler. Not normal no, normal would be far too commonplace. Nobody wants to be banal.


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This weekend I was proud to support one of the largest LGBT communities in the world. Admiring these proud people to be who they are, helping each other, having fun, dancing, drinking, not having to hide, not worrying about the gaze of others, being such inspirations for those who still live hidden and A good life lesson for the world in general. Toronto is an absolutely fabulous and open-minded city. It is a whole month that is dedicated to pride. The city has been rainbow-colored for several weeks, rainbow flags are everywhere: banks, restaurants, hairdressers … Note that Justin Trudeau the Canadian Prime Minister opened the parade for the second consecutive year, a first Which was widely praised by Canadians and beyond the borders. The tanks of TD Bank, University of Toronto, Sales Force, Homesense, City of Toronto, Crest followed those of LGBT associations. It’s pretty impressive to see that supporters come from all walks of life.


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I would like you to let people like people who spin their butterflies in their stomachs, that you let them be happy with their partner as you are with yours, unconditionally. I want you to stop overestimating yourself: you have no right to decide who you can love. For me the problem of homophobia comes from a lack of knowledge and self-confidence. Take the time to get to know members of the LGBT community, ask questions, do not be lulled by your prejudices, your ideas and your stupidity. Allow yourself a chance.

Love love mes petits loups à frange et happy pride !!

Thanks to Jacky Narell who I met yesterday during the parade and who authorized me to use her pictures, find her website here.

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toronto-pride-ootd toronto-pride-village toronto-pride-ootd

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