One day I decided to be happy ..

Some people will wait for the wind to turn all their lives. I can’t.

First part of my twenties I experienced some troubles from different parts which made me pretty sad. But I never let this sadness make me weak, it was more the opposite. I always felt stronger and determineted.


Sunday I will turn 28. That’s funny as a kid I never imagine my life after 20. Like nothing will never exist. However every year I draw up a positive balance, the past year always bring expected things. For example lately I’m trying to organize my weekends in advance (I’m currently working on April, May and June). It’s a grown up thing to anticipate. Except for Canada and my roadtrip in US I never really anticipate. I got my first flat after my first salary. Anticipation is not a word I really use. I love keeping my life spontenious but I have to say if you wanna travel often you have to organize yourself a little bit.


After my 25th birthday I started having real projects, feeling like I was going to have a future. At this time I decided to follow my dream to live oversea. I didn’t know where and when but I was sure I was going to move somewhere else. I was super excited, I loved my job but I started thinking about after, I had an amazing social life. But one day my body said stop. Thanks to that I became more attentive to myself. In 2013 my body stopped. I had top stop everything I was doing for the first time and I was preparaing all my trip to Canada.

I never let fear and stress come into my life but at this time I was scared. Scared about a potential bad news, to see my wings cut. Lucky me a surgery and I came back in my feets  ready to discover the world.


Thanks to all these tests I understood that the present is as important as the future projects. That today could never have a tomorrow. And you should never wait to be happy. Sometimes I had the impression to live like I was under water, waiting for the next step. Everything I’m starting something I’m already thinking at what is coming next. Sometimes is like a huge marathon in my mind but I love this energy and craziness.

I think everyone as to find his own motor, his reason to move on and live 100%. It’s a huge work on yourself, some of us will not find their balance easly, but working on it, asking yourself and overall keeping the best people around you will help you become a better person. I was talking about that yesterday with a friend: let nocive people leave, the ones will never push you to become better et don’t believe in you. Just keep around you positive mind.


The balance few days before my 28th birthday is that every day I feel more alive, prouder of my live, happier, more confidente and more ambitious. Today I have a balance between my professionnal and personal ambition. I live and share it. Almost 8 years that I’m back in France, I can’t believe it, time is flying. I will tell you more about my come back, I know not 100% of my readers are concerned but you a lot of you ask me about it.

All of it not to tell you about my life but to tell you we all need a blance in our lives.

I’m the one who see all the steps in life like an ingredient, every ingredient improves the recipe, like my dad always says: in cuisine with good products you can only make something good. Every steps in your life it’s a walk to a better you.

I’m happy and you ?

Bonne soirée <3

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Ps: pictures are from last year in  Distillery District, Toronto, I never got the chanche to post it.


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