Mother Nature

Good spring really struggles to settle down in Toronto, between sunny and rainy days you get tired of that. I still have not left my scarf one is soon middle May all is well buddies. Mother Nature I would like you to be a little cooler that I can go to walk, that I make nice photos to share on the blog, you know to have fun a little what. Finally Mother Nature does not care because for her it does not change much, if it is too cold in Canada she just goes to the tropics! And she abandons us to our sad fate to the taste of scarves and wool sweaters. Thank you Mother Nature really.


The only thing that helps me to survive this extension of winter is to know that in France it is not better. Oh I hear you already call me selfish and well I plead guilty ladies gentlemen, yes I would like not open my Instagram and Snapchat and see your pools / barbecues / bronzette sessions / tan marks and others while I’m  dying from cold with my 10 degrees in the sun and windless. How did I choose to come and live in Canada I do not have the right to complain? It’s my blog I do what I want first ^^.


The good news is that I limit my commute between home and work, no stop in the shops, I spend less, I go back to the gym. Assessment: at the arrival of the sun I will have such an amazing body e and I will be rich! And yeah it’s your turn to be jealous I can feel it from here. Everyone’s turn!


Otherwise it is still beautiful and we can pretend that it is hot by removing the scarf on the photos and by staying well in the sun. Do not risk the shadow. I would have warned you. Super comfort outfit with this pants from Mango I love so much, old co’ sorry, I love it, it is the comfort personified (if the pants were people of course). The Stan Smith even all dirty like mine remain a must, I think to offer them a pair of little sisters, they start to have well served. The Un baiser francais (meaning: French Kiss) tee shirt that can be misinterpreted when I wear it under a jacket (Yes some read only Baise (meaning having sex in French), it’s embarrassing. Is there a relationship with my minis boobs? Not yet clearly established, case to follow). The perfecto that I wear very often I love it so much. Like a clothes that I had not bought full price and that I found in sales without even looking for it a few weeks later. Love I tell you. And my cap my last summer biiiiiig crush, brand from Valence please guys: Aron Davis! My accessory to remind me that summer really exists and that it is not a myth. Also to cover my roots and make people believe that I am totally blonde / white polar. Imagine their surprise when they discover the trick!


I wish you all better weather, sun and bbq.

And yes the hydrants are as high as my legs. Either I am small. Either they are large. Whatever happens I am always taller than my sister and that’s all I care about.

Belle soirée mes petits loups à frange,

Full of love for you, keep being small rays of sunshine with your daily messages (it’such a message of love!)

Photo: Genta <3

I wear: Perfecto: Abercrombie & Fich – Cap: Aron Davis – Shirt: Wooop – Pants: Mango – Shoes: Stan Smith










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