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How to book your plane ticket ?


Let’s talk about how to book your plane ticket today. Choosing your plane ticket can quickly turn out to be a calvary. We all started at least once by typing: airplane tickets in our favorite search engine. Which we can also call best friend given the number of times it serves us) and what an anguish when we find ourselves drowned in The ocean of information that Google throws us at the head: they promise us all the cheapest. With my little experience as a traveler I said to myself that I could share some advice that I apply every time I have to take air tickets (I took it at the beginning of the month .. for September .. But Where will i dont?).

If you are like me a few years ago you start to monitor rates a few weeks in advance, several times a day sometimes because you are really excited about going on vacation. But I will tell you a secret that I also try to apply to my own person: watching the ticket prices 15 times a day will not make the holidays faster ^^.

vue d'avion

Find out the average ticket prices for a destination and a given period with Algofly.

Algofly is my new favorite travel site! Discovered a few months ago I find it still quite unknown. This site allows you to know the average prices observed over the last years for the destination that concerns you and thus find the right price. If you do not have a date requirement, just enter your starting and ending points, click on “Find a good price” and you will have access to all the information to choose the best time of the year to leave ! If you have a schedule already established, fill in your dates, departure and arrival and start “Search ticket”. The barometer on the left will let you know if it is an exceptional price, a good price or an average price.

It was a bit basic information I missed before when I ordered a ticket. We think we have a good price because last week it was cheaper but ultimately hard to know. Algofly finishes the anguish! Hello the ease!

Take it early.

As with many things preparation is the key to success! You know your travel dates, why wait to prepare? Think alert mail, the comparators propose all, Algofly also, it is a great tool to follow the trend once a week without the need to check and especially think about it!

Check on the company website.

Once you have found the flight you need on the comparators go to check out the company website. Without even checking it is often assumed that the company will be more expensive but not always. For my last tickets, the comparators announced a price lower than the company. Except that at the time of payment they add a fee. Finally I took them directly to British Airways which was cheaper.

Also at a time when everyone is pulling prices down the companies also offer flash sales, promo offers, it’s worth taking a look before placing an order.


Change airport.

When we live in Valencia we have several airports around, it is rather smart to compare the price of the flight from Lyon, Marseille but also Geneva. 1h30 by car to the airports of Marseille or Lyon and yet a big price difference sometimes.

Pay attention to hidden fees.

Many low-cost airlines offer competitively priced prices, except that the costs of managing files are sometimes excessive. Let’s not even talk about suitcases that can reach 100 € for a ticket at 45. It’s important when you compare your tickets to compare the ticket price, file management fees as well as luggage. Find out the total price you will be charged.

Make your purchase from another device.

There is a big blur on this subject, but I could see that prices were constantly increasing when I regularly looked at prices for a destination. If in doubt I strongly advise you to order from another device. It seems that the more you consult the prices the more the prices increase: you seem really interested in this destination so the comparators feel that you are willing to put more expensive.

Las Vegas by plane.

Make your purchase outside peak hours.

Take your ticket outside peak hours and days, prices can be up to 25% cheaper. There are also days recommended to book a plane ticket. Tuesday is the best day of the week. The weekend is obviously to be avoided since the prices are higher due to the mass attendance. Thursday comes second. Even though studies remain difficult to verify. The comparators confirm that the “most prized” email alerts are usually made on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also it is advisable to order in the middle of the night .. But this is only a tip;)

The comparators I use:

While traveling I usually use these two comparators: Kayak and Expedia mainly. There are several others that I do not practice so it is difficult for me to recommend them to you.

Some interesting sites to enjoy cheap travel.

  • Voyage privé: never tested but this is the travel site of the private sale group, you must register to access the offers. Interesting for all inclusive travel.
  • Voyage pirate: not yet tested but it will come, a multitude of offers on trips in Europe or further afield. From the simple ticket to the all inclusive travel you will find offers defying all competition and good reviews on the net! To test.
  • Skyscanner: if you do not know where to go but you have a tool to choose your departure airport, the month and you will be guided by the proposals (application recommended by HeyLesCopines;))
  • Inspiration voyage: the site proposed by Lyon airport (I had been at the launch party in Valencia in October) which finds you a place according to your budget, your dates, the desired flight time or even the weather! A little jewel that is full of ideas!

One more advice. You must know well the insurance already included with your credit card before taking the assurances offered by the sites or companies. It is a shame to pay 2 times for an insurance. Hope these tips on how to book your plane ticket will help you!

If you have other advice I am grabbing, to your keyboards;)

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