How to pack a luggage to move abroad

If you are part of my family, my friends or more recently people who follow me on social media you know that the suitcase remains a test for me. Whether I leave for a weekend or for an indefinite time the fight is similar. After 3 departures abroad for more than just a holiday I thought I might have some tips to share. Let’s explore how to pack your luggage to move abroad! At the end of the article I will tell you my anecdotes of suitcases …


The choice of the suitcase

Let’s jump right into packing your luggage to move abroad. For my first departure I had chosen a suitcase rigid hull following the advice of more experienced travelers (Papi? ^^). It is often preferred for its robustness, it absorbs the shocks and protects very well the interior. The big drawback: its weight. It can easily weigh 4kg I let you do the calculation but on an authorized baggage of 23kg it starts to do not hurt (I did not dare the “ca begins to weigh in the balance .. ^^).

First year in Canada I had to buy a second suitcase I opted for a lightweight soft suitcase Advantage: super light I think it weighs less than 2kg I bought a suitcase for New York recently and I ‘ I have chosen the option lightness, it is enough to organize the interior well to protect our business as much as possible.This big advantage is extensible.If you see what I mean, it’s up to you!

Always check the company’s website for the maximum size allowed.

The choice of the colour of the suitcase

We’re continuing packing our luggage to move abroad. Hang out. Laugh. But when you’re 18 to wait in front of the carpet a black suitcase you will remember what I’m going to tell you: dare the difference, stand out! My first suit was green fluo (I wanted the rose but it was not available anymore, yet one of those times when I had to go well ahead). The second plum and the last of the family is coral! If you want to take me on holiday you can reassure yourself: you will not lose me!


And choosing my hand luggage?

I travel almost always with a big bag as hand luggage. I appreciate its flexibility (you can put in every corner at ease!) But also to be able to put it on my suitcase and roll the whole. Mine have large handles and are therefore quite easy to wear. I was not second suitcase with wheels I found it cumbersome and not really practical to have to push 2 suitcases.

But I’m trying to come back to my preferences following my trip to NYC where I ran giant with my bag. And yes once the checked baggage we end up with a bag to carry for 3h on the back … 3h is long. Trust me, 3h is heavy. 3h is often only the beginning. On the shoulder it pulls and on the arm it cuts the blood circulation. Really it’s up to you to see but there are only idiots who do not change their minds!

Always check the company’s website for the maximum size allowed.

Can I put anything in that hand luggage?

This is a question that comes up a lot when we’re preparing your luggage to move abroad.

Your business of values: Computer, camera, iPad and company. Avoid a hectic stay in the luggage compartment and avoid being misled. It happens unfortunately.

Medication: Depending on your destination, certain products authorized in France are prohibited in other countries. Tip: Keep the prescription to be worn.

Liquids: Surely the subject that raises the most questions. You can carry your liquids up to 100ml. My advice is still to leave them inside the luggage as much as possible.

Do not take: liquids of more than 100ml obviously, razor blades, scissors, nail clippers, nail file, food, aerosols … see the complete list on your airline’s website.


How do I get my life back in a suitcase?

  • Get rid of the most things in the months / weeks before your departure. If there is indeed something that I learned is that nothing is irreplaceable and especially not this simple white top. Make room by the void! Organize a wardrobe sale like me.
  • Take vacuum storage bags to put your clothes inside, a vacuum cleaner and reduce your size by more than 50%! The weight remains the same but now at least everything goes! You can put them in the suitcase before deflating them to make them even fit.
  • Take only what you can not redeem. My first start I wonder if I had not taken up cotton stalks … I did not know if the English were cleaning their ears .. Just plan to go buy toothpaste and shower gel on arrival (Or do the same thing to me and go with a friend who has planned this kind of thing and who, after reading my article, will travel lighter.)
  • Towels that take half the suitcase you also forget, you go to AirBnb or hotels you will get what you need, at worst you will go and buy one. Believe me it will save you from having to leave them on the way back (still sorry Mom for your lovely towel abandoned at Birmingham airport …).
  • Often the weight of hand luggage is not controlled from the moment you can carry it yourself in the chests above the seats. Enjoy it to put things on.
  • Carry the heaviest things on you in the plane. If necessary, wear several clothes that have the same function: 2 sweaters, 2 jackets. It does not work so well with 2 belts beware.
  • Play the tetris. Pack it up. Unpack it. Be patient.


What about my suitcases?

May 2008

Astrid, 20 years old and the green suitcase fly to England for the first time. The return will be epic. A limit to 32kg and well I land with 34kg. Opening of the suitcase in the middle of the airport to find 2kg to throw away. The towel quoted above will be part of the tragic lot.

May 2008 bis

I leave Birmingham after 2 months, it is 13 degrees, I wear 2 sweaters, 2 scarves etc history to save the maximum: Bidendum is in the place. Arriving in Lyon in the middle of the heat wave, I thought I had fainted when I left the plane. Tip: Once inside take a trolley suitcase and undress you !!

July 2014

Astrid ends his suitcase at 6:10 am for a departure from the house scheduled at 6:00 am.

June 2015

I have to go back to France (yes I stop talking about myself in the third person), a girlfriend came to help me bring my things back (we took the opportunity to go to California to see again). At the time of going to the airport the Toronto express line did not exist yet. We should take the bus. Big accident on the highway next to me, the cars clog my street. We have to walk 2km with our suitcases. 100kg in total. Thanks to the God of the taxi we find someone who deposits us.

June 2015 bis

Arrival at the airport 6 departures in less than one hour for the same company. They are overwhelmed they are mistaken and to simplify things we offer the surplus.

June 2015 bis bis

Arrival in Valence we come to retrieve to 2 cars … In one is too small ^^

February 2017

my hand luggage that does not fit on my luggage and breaks the figure regularly. Especially in the middle of pedestrian crossings. If you have a theory of cause and effect I am a taker.

Never forget in his suitcase

A power strip in your home country, convenient when you have only one adapter and 3 devices to charge!

If you also have tips share them in the comments, do not keep this kind of valuable information for you!

The photos are taken from our special wardrobe sale session at the end of last year I love them !!

Belle soirée mes petits loups à frange. Hope this blog post will help you prepare your luggage to move abroad.

Photos: L’unique Alison Bounce pour le vide dressing, novembre 2016.


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