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I am regularly asked on Instagram for other French accounts in other parts of Canada to help discover the local life in French or prepare for your stay (yes because we hope one day to be able to continue discovering the rest of Canada heiiiiiin). So I have prepared a list that I will update in the future if needed. But before I start, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to find me on Instagram under the name @fringinto to discover the French life in Toronto. Here we go with a list of French people to follow on Instagram in Canada by province.

Last update – January 2024

New Brunswick

Julie Une Fois: Julie is Belgian, she has been living in Canada for a few years and we have been able to discover several corners of Canada with her since she has already moved several times. From Vancouver to the Yukon to live today in New Brunswick. She shares landscapes that make you dream and also shares her writings. She also participated in the series of articles on the different cities of Canada.

Her blog


ArpenterLeChemin: Audrey lives in Moncton and also shares her life there. She also has a blog full of useful info if you want to move to the area! And another blogger who participated in the series of articles on different cities in Canada.

Her blog



Rems Away: Rémi arrived from his native Haute-Savoir in 2022 with his boyfriend. He shares his day-to-day experience in Toronto as a PVT. Full of good humor, he talks about budgets, things to do and how he feels about Canada. french-toronto-instagram
francais-instagram-toronto-pvt-canada Travel With Maylis: After a stop in the United States, Maylis decided to come and live in Toronto on her WHP. She shares her daily life here.
Bin2_home_and_family. Découvrez un autre profil en Ontario: une famille de 5 à s’être lancée dans la grande aventure canadienne avec de jeunes enfants. famille-francaise-ontario-instagram


french-speakers-canada-instagram Le cahier de Clochette. Nassima arrived with her family from Algeria several years ago. She shares her experience in Montreal, explaining many elements of Canadian life, sharing good tips and life as aparent in Quebec. Nassima has a kindness and gentleness you’re sure to appreciate.

Her blog

OffToMontréal : I don’t know if I need to introduce Marine anymore. Not only is she a blogging buddy, she’s also become a friend. She’s also been living in Canada for several years, and has chosen Montreal as her new home. She shares her daily life there on Instagram and helps you navigate your new life in Quebec on her blog. We visited Nova Scotia together in 2023! offtomontreal-marine-francaise-a-montreeal-instagram



CupOfEnglishTea: Kenza has been living in Canada since 2017, after living in other countries like England or Australia, she has settled in Winnipeg. She also participated in the series of articles on the different cities in Canada by introducing us to Winnipeg!

Her blog


Morning.Sophie: Sophie has an interesting background. After a one-year WHP in Vancouver with her boyfriend, they promised to come back later. And they came back with their daughter a few years later. Since then, they’ve welcomed a little boy and the whole family has moved to Calgary, Alberta. A sweet account. morning-sophie-alberta-francais-canada
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