The 10 truths about immigration that nobody talks about

This title looks like the very many tops that we regularly found in our Facebook news feed. But it is because today we are going to talk about a really honest topic (yes the truth often is annoying). It is possible that at the end of the post you are disappointed, that I broke your dreams or worse that you hate me (like it is worse than break your dreams ^^). I do not know if it’s the sun, the report recently broadcast on M6 (definitely!) Or the conversations I can have around me. But I want to tell you about the reality and truths about immigration. The hardships, the concessions, the soul-searching. Let’s get away from the pretty Instagram photo and explore immigration for real!


Truth #1

One of the first truths about immigration. Wherever you move no one is waiting for you. You can be the best flower cutter nail scissors category in France here no one waited your arrival to live. You are not in conquered ground, you are the new (it also works), you are nobody (not yet, it can come!) And you have decided to come by yourself.

Truth #2

A simple truth, of the basic kind but which nevertheless deserves to be repeated (you can spread the word around you is always a plus). You are the new but especially you are not home! (At least not yet!) Culture is different overall, from food, to human relations, to relationships at work, from taxes to phone packages to resumes. This is a new way of living, it’s up to you to adapt, remember the truth # 1: you are the new, you came by yourself.

Do not expect your host country to comply with your habits, your “normal” and your culture Unless you make them crêpes, everyone can adapt easily to crêpes. Try to understand the new world around you. And explore it instead of comparing it to your country of origin or worse to say that it was better home. Ask your girlfriend if she likes you to constantly compare her to Your ex? Ok we all know the answer.


Truth #3

Professionally a move abroad involves in 99% of cases a change of job or a job under qualified, at least in the beginning. This is the time when I break your dreams. This is a point that is very close to my heart. Your experience in France has no value here, assuming that you are starting from scratch. Depending on the host country your very well known company in France will not say anything to them or your position may not be equivalent here. Particularly for Canada: you must have a first Canadian experience to prove yourself. Y

ou must show that you are trustworthy. Do you let your new banker manage your investments without testing it on a few items first? This does not however call into question his skills. It is only a step in the construction of your relationship of trust. Again no one is waiting for you. Finding a first job even under qualified is always better explained in maintenance than a 4-month hole in the CV because there was no job in a country with a low unemployment rate and the 1001 businesses looking for Always vendors or servers. Remember work is health and especially work attracts work!

Truth #4

Let’s continue about our truths about immigration. Immigration is very personal. We often find ourselves face to face with ourselves as the only self-confident person. One develops a very strong relationship with oneself, one can count only on oneself. It is important to remember this point when you are preparing to leave, you can not expect others to take care of you. We ask for a minimum. Some tracks ? Jet lag, rental conditions, electrical outlets, banks, telephone … ETC!

Immigration is a personal choice it should not involve dependence on other people. This is the time or never to become adult if you hesitate again! I am cool I will share a great advice … go even several (my generosity will lose me!). If you want to live abroad Google is gonna be your bestfriend !! And yes no joke ask him he should give you a kick and send you to sites full of answers (We do not work on our SEO for nothing merdeee huh ^^), in Facebook groups uses the search function (they have Even thought of putting a magnifying glass next to you to go to a friend!).

Go to which holds 90% of the answers you seek, be nice take 2 minutes they also have a magnifying glass in the search bar for To help you (Facebook would have piqued the idea to what they say). Lots of little hands have spent hours preparing you hyper detailed files read and cries to help if you really do not find your answer. Basically be stunned and do not expect others to do the things that we have all faced. Help and advice with pleasure, assistance no thanks!


Truth #5

Do not think you are smarter than others in trying to cheat the system. Not taking unnecessary risks when returning to a country without a work visa with the intention of working illegally. Do not think to be THE person who will make the difference, immigration laws are strict. So we go down from his white horse, we remove his cloak and we accept the fact that there are laws and rules to respect. You are not told that you will not come back, you are only told to stand in line.

Truth #6

The life I share today on social networks is not the life of a newcomer. Do not imagine having the life of someone who has been there for a year and a half in 2 months! Each story is different, we do not have the same priorities and expectations. You can not get 3500 euros on your account without a job and hope to live in a great condo (you do not know what a condo is, re-read my newcomer’s guide to Toronto) right in the center of Toronto alone. Leave time to time, Rome has not been built in a day (well must you move the popotin too, the weather is nice but it does not do everything).


Truth #7

Be prepared to change. Obviously when you leave everything you have always known in your country for another continent? Well not so much as it seems. I am always surprised by the expectations that people can express. They want to find exactly the same way of life that they had in France but attention spoiler … Your life in France is by definition in France, your life in your new life will necessarily be different. Stop comparing or looking for a copy-paste. Instead go looking for what will make you kiffer now here! Be open, curious, greedy for discoveries, make mistakes, try again in a different way and imbue yourself with culture. I hope these truths about immigration help you to see things more clearly.

Truth #8

We integrate !! One seeks to meet local people, obviously the human will often be guided by the facility by approaching what he knows: the other French. Of course, it’s great to have French friends here, I love them, but I’m thrilled to have some of my best friends as well. How do you want to discover the Canadian culture (or other) by staying in your French bubble? It makes no sense to me. Not to mention your level of English that will not take off so much (if you came for that). Interest and above all .. please do not criticize what is different, rather try to understand why it is different! Open mind !!! Open mind !!


Truth #9

One of the truths about immigration.Immigration is in any case a crazy adventure, whether temporary or permanent, live it thoroughly, enjoy is perhaps the only chance of your life. It’s going to be crazy!

Truth #10

Immigration is not for everyone. The country you chose may not be packed, the city where you moved in may not please you. Change, move, you did it once that is holding you back? Do you want to come back? Come back ! No one should feel stuck in an adventure that should be one of the most extraordinary of his life!


I hope you enjoyed discovering these truths about immigration. Anything to add? Any questions? That’s what comments are for 😉

Love love mes petits loups à frange.


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