Back in France


I’m writing from my home town in Ardèche, France. Since a week I’m fighting against this hot weather (I’m not saying I prefer canadian winter and -20°C but the change is hard), but most important I surprised family and friends with my come back a week earlier !! It’s one of the thing you can only do when you live so far , and honestly it was amazing to see their faces ! I’m back in France!

I’m eating local food since a week, enjoying time with my family and friends. I don’t feel the jetlag, what is a good thing !


Just a week that I’m home and I already had a special visitor: my ex roommate in Toronto who moved back in South Korea last November spent 2 days at home during her trip in Europe !!

As you can imagine I have busy schedules, day seems too short but I’m going to post on my blog anyways ! Because you asked me I want to tell you that I’m not closing the blog because I’m back in France. Yes the name is related to Toronto but Toronto is and will always be part of my life, it’s an amazing experience, I will tell you more about it soon. I have thousands things to tell you about Toronto, thousands about our road trip in U.S. and a lot of thing coming !

In just a year my blog gave me access to events, nights.. and made me meet a lot of amazing people and overall I love sharing my experiences to help you starting yours or maybe help someone to start this amazing path !

I will see you soon.


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