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About a week ago I was coming back from a 10 day trip to Ireland. Between the wedding of my friend, the visit of her city, my turn on the western Irish side and my Dublin visit I have quite a few things to tell you! If you follow me on Snapchat you already know that I did not have a heart for the city of Dublin, despite everything there is something to see and know about the city if you are planning a stay there. We will talk about my Irish favorites in the days to come;)


How to get to Dublin?

It is simplest aircraft landing at Dublin on the ferry to be involved already in the north of France. Personally I chose the company Aer Lingus, the rates are very accessible. As an indication by taking my tickets almost 4 months in advance I paid my ticket Lyon-Dublin 150 € (100 € ticket + 2×25 € for 15kg of luggage).

How to get around Dublin?

To reach the city center of the airport you will find many buses on airport website. Then in Dublin you can use the bus company of the city Dublin Bus. The ticket is purchased directly from the driver, who will ask you for a refund. The price is calculated according to the number of stops you travel, you will find a simulator in their website. You wil also have the DART the Dublin metro that I have not tried but can take you to the Dublin area faster.


Where to stay in Dublin?

Great follower of Airbnb when traveling I had decided to try something else: Couchsurfing (be greeted by people for free on their couch you can also receive). Unfortunately I did not find people available so I tried the hostel for the very first time (called “hostel” in English)! Thanks to the Hostelworld application I easily found a hostel available, with the map it was super easy to find a great location. The reservation is made in 3 clicks, you pay only a percentage and the payment is then made directly to the hostel.

I tested Abigails Hostel on the docks in the very famous Temple Bar area. From 5 to 12 beds you can choose to travel with friends and rent a room (mixed or not) or book a bed and let the chance of placement make you meet your roommates a night! For my part I shared my room with 2 Australians who traveled to Europe for 2 months, a Canadian who visited her sister in Holland and wanted to visit a European city and 2 Dutch who were there for a long weekend. Very different profiles.

On four floors the hostel also had a large common room to meet other travelers. The rooms have their own bathroom, the beds are bunk, each bed has a reading lamp, traditional sockets and USB sockets. Many bus stops opposite the hostel.

For information I paid 16 € per night with breakfast included. Lockers are available to leave your belongings safe, traditional lockers but also “mini safes” for the most valuable things. At your arrival you will be given sheets to bring back at the end of your stay, a card that will act as a key. In the toilets there was even a straightener, a piece of 50 cts inside to restore a beauty.

dublin city guide

Where to eat ?

  • Beshoff Restaurant: Facing the very busy Henry Street you will find what they advertise as the best Fish and Chips in town. I do not know if it was the best but it was not bad. (My advice for a fish and chips: choose the haddock, more flavors).
  • The Pieman Cafe: a pretty front window in the middle of Temple Bar, a simple and efficient menu. A very good welcome. A mini price! 9 € for a small pie, a vegetable and a drink.

dublin temple bar

What to do in Dublin?

  • Walk through the busy shopping streets of Henry Street and Grafton Street. From boutiques of clothes to the souvenir shop all the shopping lovers should find their account.
  • Make a bus tour with CityScape, 10 € against 20 euros with the other companies. You will make the tour of all the essential points of the city by having the possibility to go down at all the stops in order to take the time to visit, you will go in the following bus!
  • Stroll through Stephen’s Green (Steven’s Green), follow the signs to discover the history of the park, take a break over the water.
  • Visit the mythical Temple Bar area which is full of pubs ready to fill your throat. If you like it of course. If you are like me you can only admire the old and colorful facades.
  • Returning to school by visiting Trinity College Dublin, the university of the city, there is even a chapel inside, I was able to attend a wedding (well by far).
  • You lose in the streets, we still have nothing better to let chance bring you to pretty surprises, the photo of the umbrellas and the Shoreditch tag (the area where we had resided for our weekend in London last September) are the fruit of my random walks in the streets.
  • Go up along the quays to take the fresh air and discover the city a little further. They’re called Docklands.
  • Admire the doors of houses that are all very pretty, very chic.
trinity college dublin
Trinity College Dublin

And more:

  • Guinness Storehouse: for lovers of beer you can follow the design of a beer and even taste it. Nothing but the surroundings of the museum are to be seen, the buildings are very pretty.
  • Book of Kells: a huge library of the 18th century which attracts many visitors. The places are seemingly breathtaking.
  • St Patrick’s Cathedral: one of the most beautiful churches to visit.
  • Kilmainham Gaol Museum: a museum inside a former prison. Think of booking well in advance, I could not get a place in the days before my Dublin visit, everything was booked.
  • The various museums: modern art, writers, science …

How long to stay in Dublin?

For me two days are enough, after if you like drinking and partying you can stay as long as you want;)

dublin temple bar

To know.

  • Not to confuse Ireland with England, the Irish use the European currency like us.
  • On the other hand as the English roll on the left (if you follow me on Snapchat you could follow my first driving on the left, I reassure you for those who have not seen, my friend filmed me;
  • The electrical outlets are also the same as in England.
  • It is better to take a package on the spot and change number for a dozen days rather than pay its off forfait in France. For information at Vodafone I paid 20 € the 5GB + 10 € for the sim card. I also had unlimited calls and text messages. Just think about unlocking your phone before.
docks dublin

Having been contacted by Voyage-Privé following my trip I found a great plan for you! I think you will have to register on the site (it takes you 2 minutes and you can always unsubscribe if you do not like it) to access the offers but it is worth it. Package from 495 € per person with flight included, hotels, breakfast formula, car rental and assistance. Find the offer here.

dublin doors

Personally Dublin did not hit me in the eye I really preferred the countryside part of Ireland, but that I speak to you very quickly on the blog!

And you then know Dublin? You have loved ? Tell me everything !

docksland dublin
Les quais

dublin streets

trinity college dublin
Trinity College Dublin

docklands dublin
Les quais
stephen's park
Stephen’s park

street art dublin

stephen's park
Stephen’s park
Docklands, Dublin.
docklands dublin
Docklands, Dublin
bridge dublin
O’connell Bridge, Dublin

Dublin city center

O connell bridge

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