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InstaMeet Valence #2: shoes museum

I had not been able to attend the first edition of the InstaMeet by Valence Tourisme. But for the second edition they chose a theme that I could not refuse: the shoe and especially an unusual visit of the International Shoes Museum from Romans sur Isère. I dare say that I had never visited the museum? Ok I’m not ashamed I assume: this was my first visit!

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The first stop of this morning, and my favorite, will be in this former convent built between the 17th and the 19th century. Before hosting the International Shoe Museum, the convent will be a college and a boarding school (an annex of the Triboulet) rather nice to have such a beautiful building as teaching place! It is very classy, full of stories, we have also told some, and full of secret corners: all I love!


The top floor is not accessible to the public but it has an authentic side that I like very much, the colors and the patches are the proof of the time that passes. It also contains beautiful witnesses to the past, things that would not really fit in the shoes but are part of the history of the building. Old sewing machines, old chairs, pieces of furniture, signs of places that today do not even exist anymore. Painted reused beams hidden in the attic while they were meant to be displayed. Besides we do not call it an attic but the stock, the attic is not very pretty for such a beautiful building.musée romans

Maybe you are wondering why an International Museum of Footwear in Romans? And because it is the cradle of major brands of luxury shoes, including one of the largest: the company Jourdan which will make the beautiful years and especially the reputation of Romans between the 60s and 80s. More than 2000 People will be active in the Jourdan factory and workshops. It is a great success, a brand that exports a lot and which will become the first brand of French shoes to be exported to the United States, well yes I like shoes and I also like to know their history;) Unfortunately the Years have not helped the company and today the group has been bought out, the offices of Romans have been emptied but the soul of the shoe has remained since we still have brands like Clergerie in Romans earth!

musée de romans chaussure

The museum is a huge collection of shoes but also dozens of fashion and art books. There are between 16 and 17 000 feet (one speaks in foot since there are not always pairs). It’s a bit of a dream for all girls: meters of shoesing !! We were not able to return, perhaps for fear of being robbed of everything or just to protect the oldest rooms which are magnificent but also very fragile, but we were able to take a look and I confirm you: I want the Same room for Christmas! Small technical info: the collections can be lent to other museums but they never travel alone and above all it is not simple: travel authorizations are necessary, the intervention of a specialized carrier and especially a person of the museum To ensure that everything rolls from start to finish!

chapelle romans musée de la chaussure

Then there is this chapel, it is beautiful, it is full of charm and again it is full of stories! The chapel dates from the 17th century, paintings from the 19th century. This is very dark since the windows are all condemned to protect the walls from the light. The story of this play? From chapel she went to gymnasium during her “school years”. Under the wooden platform hid sand for the high jump! You would never have imagined it, would it? Today it is the current collection of the shoes of sport Rivat that throne in the room to the different lives.

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The visit lasted on shoes unsuitable for walking (like the picture above), on the shoes for mutilated feet which despite the great pain that it inflicted to the women were proof of a social recognition, on the shoes of women Manchuria: they did not grind their feet but they tightened them to obtain a certain social recognition.

Finally you have understood there are a thousand and one things to learn throughout your visit. I will definitely stay here again to take the time to learn more.

The morning ended with a visit to the workshop of Milémil the brand of footwear Made in Romans and by a tasting wine, charcuterie and honey by Wine and Bee (To test is really a very nice concept).

Have you visited? Is it tempting ?

Belle soirée les petits loups à frange.


Thanks Valence Romans Tourisme for the invit.

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