I tested: straight brush with PostQuam Cosmetic.

Few weeks ago I received an email from PostQuam Cosmetic, a Spanish company who offer me the chance to try their new straight brush. Honestly I only use my straight … since my sixteen (I only had to change it once in 12 years) so I never thought about changin my habits.

brosse lissante essai

What is better than a video to show you a “before-after” ?

Using it is really simple: one button Start/Stop, one button +/- it’s all you need. I was impressed it’s going hot really fast.

fringinto brosse lissante

On the small screen you can see the temperature you choose and the current one.

brosse lissante postquam

So I love how fast it’s getting hot, when you are always late that’s important, I also like the easy way to use it like you brush your hair. After it you still have volume in your hair ! For the ones who fight to have volume it could be a good alternative !  Good thing for the ones who don’t pay attention and burn themselves often: with that one it’s impossible, even when you take it full hands (Yes I tried, I put myself in danger for you guys ahah.). Doing it more and more I was afraid about having electrics hair but nothing  thanks to the ion technology (I already have it on my straighter), it’s so important in these machines.

I didn’t like the lack of precision, for example with my fringe straighter has more precision. Because the brush is big I couldn’t even got my fringe on it. Price is also something I didn’t like but at the same time it’s a product you buy once and keep for years. After they contacted me I checked online and I read many negatives reviews about cheap products. Girls don’t joke with your hair and prefer something better quality. (who wants to burn their hair ? No one ? Ok we are agree 😉 ).

Like everything you need to practice to got the best of the product but it’s a good alternative from a straighter since it’s seem less agressive on my hair.

To buy it.

Did you try it ? Tell me what you think about.

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