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French speaking Youtubers in Canada

A few months ago I published an article to share with you the Instagram accounts of French (and French-speaking) people living in Canada to follow on Instagram. Since I spend more and more time on Youtube I thought it might be interesting to do the same for Youtube! Between my research and your suggestions on Instagram, here is a list of French/French speakers in Canada, you can learn more about life here and follow their adventures!

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Call me Layla
City: Ottawa Instagram Youtube channel

Layla shares her discoveries, visits and travels in Ottawa and across Canada. She also has several articles on life in Canada, what to expect etc. She also has a great energy through her videos!

On The Route
City: Toronto Instagram Youtube channel

Discovering Canada in the vlogs of French “On The Route” based in Ontario. Lots of details and feedback in his videos!

MyT Van
City: Toronto Instagram Youtube channel

Myriam and Tanguy are French, based in Canada for years. They bought and renovated a van and are going to explore Canada! With the pandemic they have been forced to revise their plans but they still have beautiful images to share. Videos in English.

Bola Assani
City: Toronto Instagram Youtube channel

Bola is originally from Benin and shares her experience of living in Toronto, from her discoveries and walks to immigration, the topics are varied!

City: Toronto Instagram Youtube channel 

Bola is originally from Burkina Faso, she lives in Toronto and shares her experience. Very detailed and honest! Feedback on immigration, life in a roommate and the different stages of life in Canada.

City: Waterloo Instagram Youtube channel

Manu shares his tips on living in Canada. He arrived from France almost 10 years ago, he lives 1h30 away from Toronto with his family and talks about immigration, daily life and travel!


Rim’s Life
City: Montréal Instagram  Youtube channel

Rim shares his Canadian adventure, from supermarkets to walks, you can discover a little more about life in Montreal!

Camille D
City: Montréal Instagram  Youtube channel

Camille lives in Montreal, she is a photographer and videographer. She offers very detailed and high quality videos about her Canadian experience.

City: Montréal Instagram  Youtube channel

Léa came to Montreal for her studies for 4 years. She’s on her way out and will soon return to Europe but she has a lot of videos about Canada that might interest you!

Flora Adventures
City: Montréal Instagram  Youtube channel

Flora shares her experience of living in Montreal, she is currently preparing a one month stay in Western Canada.


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