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Ok ok I know I let go to the facility for the title. But it’s still a real headache to find a title. Besides, the Pont d’Avignon is a nickname if you do not know, its real name is the Pont Bénézet, it is one of the things I learned during my visit to the city of the Popes last week. As I told you on Sunday night my family from the United States came to spend a few days in France, of course I had planned a million things we could not do but we still reserved a day every 3: Pont du Gard and Avignon the day was full! Despite everything we had time to shoot a look (We actually found my girlfriend Jaja who shot all looks lately)! This is the first article that mixes a look and a visit;)

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We really wanted to visit Avignon, although I have been there several times, it is a city that I find warm and very pleasant to live, a city that smells Provence and lavender, we like to stroll in the pretty streets Of the historical center and enjoy the nonchalance of the south. I love the place de l’Horloge, very lively by the restaurants and bars but also because it houses very beautiful monuments such as the Opera, the first public clock and the magnificent building of the Bank of France. During the 18th century the guillotine will reign on the Place de l’Horloge, it is far from the tranquility that one can feel today by wandering around the square.

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Another place I like very much is the Crillon, for my next visit I absolutely want to have lunch there. It is located just after passing the Porte de l’Oulle, the old Comedy of Avignon dominates the square, the latter is much smaller than that of the Clock but also more intimate. It releases an I do not know what I like enormously.

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At the turning of our walks in the streets we found this portal tagged and the inspiration was instantaneous: the street art and me it is a story I love it, it happens that my acolyte behind the camera also We found ourselves well! Even if it’s a bit rough an expression out of the batch I let you find it;) a clue: it fits my mind very well!

For this look I had done simple but a little too hot for the day at more than 35 degrees that we had! You could see on Snapchat (pseudo: Fringinto) that we almost melted in the sun! You had already seen the shirt worn open here but I like it just as much closed.

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Small recap of things to see or do in Avignon:
  • We played the tourists by taking the little train to see as much as possible our time being a bit limited. Departure in front of the Palais des Papes every 45 minutes. 8 € the turn of 40 minutes. Available in 10 languages ​​you should find your happiness.
  • Only 25 minutes by car from Avignon the Pont du Gard that we decided to add to the schedule the day before, if we had had more time I would have liked to stop in the villages around it was typical Provencal houses In ocher stone: a pleasure for the eyes! Entry by car: 18 €. Possibility to climb on the Pont du Gard but it is not included in the price of the entrance.
  • The Palace of the Popes: the night tours look really nice!
  • The famous Bridge of Avignon, I preferred to see it from afar than to climb on it, pure personal choice but I imagine it as a whole and not by being perched on ^^.
  • The Place de l’Horloge to eat of course. We tested the Civette (which I add on my map of restaurants tested and approved ;)) Great food and super hospitality: recommended. Thumb in the air for foggers of course!
  • Walk along the ramparts which are an essential part of the city but especially of the history of Avignon.
  • Until the end of September I advise you to go through the Rue des Fourbisseurs where parasols are suspended above your heads. It is a work realized by the artist Patricia Cunha.
  • Take an ice-cream and walk in the old center, without precise goal but to enjoy the pretty streets and especially to soak up the lifestyle of the south: gently in the morning, not too fast in the afternoon.

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Been to Avignon? You like ? Tips for my next visit? In any case it is really a city that I take pleasure to discover.

Short: Zara – Shirt: second hand store – Shoes: Can not find it online – Watch: Louis Pion – Tote bag: Hey Les Copines (out of stock)

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