Half of January has already passed, did you see him pass you? The recovery after Christmas is always a bit chaotic. Among those who have been hanging out for weeks, those who did not want to go back to work, those who are already talking about their next vacation are struggling a bit to get back into the bath. For my part neither Christmas holidays nor dies (I am convinced that I can not get sick and believe me it works!) But a comeback on the run of the wheels (Tadam expression to 50,000 points!).


I find the passion for my job, I find the desire to do well, I find the excitement of completed projects, team spirit and the common race for the same goal. It’s really refreshing. I ended up turning to the past by remembering my last job that I loved and I take this new opportunity. I have a busy month of January where in addition to the necessary adaptation to the new job I have to be flexible to prepare my 2 weeks in France, fill my calendar with all the people I want to see, visits etc. I think I really like the organization!


It’s a quick article yet I have a thousand and one things to tell you, I also wanted to share some extra photos of the snow. I enjoy this season finally, I’m not too snow at the base but when we decide to kiss each season instead of fighting we discover the beauty. A girlfriend reminded me that some time ago and it perfectly illustrated my feelings. So I kiss January even if it limits me a little in photos to share you;) the cold is right of us!

Do you have a season that you do not like? How do you get through?

Bonne semaine mes petits loups à frange.

Love love.


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