First days in Toronto

On February 23 last I set foot on Canadian territory after 605 days of absence (Ok I helped myself a site that counted for me ^ ^). I knew for a lot of days that I would come back, I had had time to imagine this return, to prepare it. And yet you never know how the arrival will unfold. Let’s talk about my first days in Toronto.

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The first thing to note is that I immediately found my bearings, as if I had never left. Like when we get home. I went to the places I knew under construction before my departure to see the result (inspector of finished work ^^). I went back to places where I had my habits. Visited some friends, not all of them. Once again I liked the city, I knew that we still had plenty of beautiful things to live together. And then we talked with Mick about the differences with France, things that seemed natural after a year there but that finally attract the attention of visitors.


List not exhaustive but especially a mouthful in the meantime the “real” 100% Canadian posts 🙂

  • Prices are displayed tax-free in stores, a bit complicated at first you easily get used to. One Canadian explained that they liked to know how much VAT they paid.
  • Here we stand in line. The law of the one who pushes hardest to go back does not work and you will look wrong if you try to overtake. You’re warned.
  • In a shop or in a bar / restaurant the employee who receives you will always ask you how you are going. It is a habit in North America where the customer experience is very important. Do not be surprised and respond with a smile 🙂
  • The tip, an indispensable here since it is a big part of the waiter’s salary. This is also why servers are also attentive to your well-being. I must say that it is still super nice to have a waitress smiling ^^
  • A French specialty to forget: to cross anywhere. We cross to the pedestrian crossings when it is white, not before or after.
  • Everything is bigger. A small orange juice in Canada and a medium in France. And so on.
  • As in many English-speaking countries you do not kiss, you hoot or shake your hand.
  • People are helpful, but really, they are happy to help if you are lost, at the airport the immigration agent made jokes and asked Mick about the computer, you’re rather Windows Or Mac? Rather Intel or I do not know what. In short, nice people! And even if I love France, I love my country I must say that having nice people who do not make the mouth it simplifies the daily.


New York

I am currently in New York, I discover the big sister of Toronto, I will tell you all this on my return from next Thursday. I am also excited to start my new Canadian life. To share thoroughly with you. Do not forget to follow me on Snapchat (FringintoBlog) to see even more, keep writing me it always makes me very happy!

It was quick but that’s my first days in Toronto. I promised I would share more soon.

Bonne soirée mes petits loups à frange <3

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