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Teaser: Valence, View from Here, Coming from Elsewhere.

At the beginning of February I talked about the diversity we have in the #BeFringFit Community. Lot of girls didn’t grow up here, they arrived for different reasons.

After this conversation an idea came up. I wanna listen to those girls. I want the girls Coming from Elsewhere to share their opinion about Valence, this city wrongly appreciated by it citizens.

During 9 weeks, every Monday our 9 news valentinoises will show you the city. They all choose one place which mean something for her, photographers choose one too. Combo were create before they even met.

I want you to know that I felt so much pleasure working on this project with an amazing team. A beautiful human adventure.

Let’s watch the teaser …

See you soon.

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Ps: turn the video into HD 😉

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