Project Valence, Views from Here: Backstage

Last spring I wrote a serie of portraits on my blog, I was talking about girls new in Valence, my project: Valence, Views from Here, Coming from Elsewhere. Today I’m bringing you on backstage to show that the project was not just fun it was also an amazing human adventure !

I loved meeting all these people and hearing their stories. Why they moved to Valence, what they love about the city. How they see things. And to see them discover their photos after the shoot. It’s always a pleasure to see the reaction of people who have never seen each other in photos before. Each person was able to choose a place they particularly liked. We went to the cinema, but also to parks. Or other places in town. A real pleasure. I loved doing this project for Valence, to showcase the city’s charm. And to give the locals the outside view from people who’ve just arrived. Let me know what you think, can’t wait to have your opinion.

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Read all the portraits here.

Music: Grandepolis, Ladies. Band from Valence, follow them on Facebook and Twitter – More to listen on Spotify.

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