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My 8 favourites places to eat or drink in Valence

As announced in my article “I have something to tell you” a few weeks ago I planned a series of articles on Valencia, I invited you to ask me your questions in view of an article Questions answered (you can comment)

Tonight we discuss a topic that you are very fond of eating in Valencia! I present you my 8 favorite places to restore or have a drink. I introduced you to many restaurants in 2016 it is time for me to tell you the ones I preferred! There is even a new one tested before Christmas!

Order does not mean anything.

Le Victor Hugo.

One of the pillars of the city, from 7 to 77 years old, from breakfast to dinner VH is part of the Valentinois habits, everyone has at least a memory there. For the winter I love the high ceilings that remind me of the passage of  La Boum when Vic et Poupette are on the restaurant. The terrace of the Victor Hugo is a must in summer, to face the Peynet Kiosk, under the palm trees, a house ice tea hand in front of the sunset. Tested and greatly recommended!

30 avenue Victor Hugo • Facebook • Website

Le Alix Coffee.

Is it really useful that I present it to you again? No ? We agree. Formerly the pastry Alix is today the third generation of Alix that works behind the counter to delight the taste buds of the valentines. A cozy and quiet space that would make us want to come and drink our hot chocolate on the big armchair in pyjama pilou pilou. I have not yet tested the visit in pajamas, for all the rest I strongly advise you to go for a walk.

32 rue Pierre Semard  • Facebook • Instagram

alix coffe valence


The discovery of this end of year 2016! Kindly invited by the owner before Christmas I first loved the decor, the brick mix and industrial materials really hit me in the eye. It was only the beginning I had not yet tasted the pizzas .. If you are looking for a good pizza in Valencia it really is a place to note, they use Italian flour and you can feel the difference. For info there are 3 rooms you can even come with all your buddies;)

Allée du concept, Bourg les Valence (à côté du Théatre du Rhône) • Facebook • Site


This restaurant is one of my favorites for several reasons: already they accept the customers until 23h, it is super appreciable after a cinema or just because with the girlfriends one extended the preparation and the aperitif at the house. Then the welcome is always super nice (especially the little lady with glasses whose name I do not even know), they speak English. Finally the perfect location Place des Clercs in summer is another of my favorite places to have a drink at the end of the day with friends.

4 place des Clercs • Facebook

Le Daily Pic.

Tested for lunch or for Sunday brunch I like the dishes on offer. For brunch (20 € and by reservation, first Sunday of the month) you can already plan a digestive walk in the park Jouvet to digest, the menu is very generous. Unfortunately the winter is a bit small and we are quickly tight, hot summer to open the terrace!

3 place Championnet • Facebook

La Bohème.

My burger was called Fernand. That should be enough to make you want to go. Still a doubt? If I tell you that on the ceiling there are old rides’ cars attached to the ceiling are you more decided? Yes yes the same model that we had Aérocity when you were kids (What you do not know about Aérocity the must-see park in the 90’s in Ardèche!). Felted and cozy atmosphere. Ideal for cold winter evenings!

11 boulevard d’Alsace • Facebook.

la bohème valence

Green Box

If we were to retain a good initiative in 2015 in Valencia it is really the opening of this salad bar. It is unanimous both from the proposal of the menus and from the reception! Being able to eat quickly, healthy and at a reasonable price I approve downright. In addition the Place Saint Jean is also a very pleasant place in summer, especially under the halls.

15 Place Saint Jean • Facebook • Instagram


The last one in the list but really not the last one on my plate! I am a big fan of Armenian food. I am still at the stage where I learn to pronounce the names of the dishes but I often train by commanding regularly! If this is your first visit the best is to ask advice from the server Nico who will guide you. He knows how to pronounce all the dishes;)

8 rue d’Arménie • Site • Facebook

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