The day I was a volunteer.


Be a volunteer is natural for the Canadian. When you moved here people advice to you to volunteer to have your first canadian experience and create your canadian references (if you don’t have canadian references they could call in France: no problem )

I found a job before I tried to be a volunteer, I had few days before I started my new job and Apéro Chic published in Facebook they were looking for volunteer to help for the event the next day.

Before talking about my experience, some informations: Apéro Chic is a community organization, with two very dynamic french women who organize every month a networking meet up with a french touch. Freshly arrived I went to La Société to celebrate Bastille Day, a french bistrot in Bloor Street between Cartier and Louis Vuitton, French flags and wine were also at the event. They always try to find more beautiful and surprising place for their events. The most important is : meeting people, sharing and be chic.

Come back to my experience, so I answered to the Facebook announce to propose my help and Wednesday 23rd of July I was in Casa Loma, amazing castle in Toronto, very famous touristic place, to welcome members. It was a very important night for members like for the two french : Apero Chic was the first organization available to organize a private event in Casa Loma !!

Without the experience be a volunteer is the occasion to meet people, I never regret to meet La Parisienne, one of the two women, who is somebody with an amazing experience, french expat living in Toronto for a long moment, and you know how I love to share with people with a huge motivation and will. So I will be a volunteer again for the next event in August : go to Cabana Pool Bar ! ( I was there during the World Cup when France loose the game .. )

See you ApéroChic 🙂


Pictures all rights reserved to : Lidia Vijga for Aperochic








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