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Talent Around the Block

Last month I used Juliette‘s pictures to illustrate our spontaneous rally behind the French consulate after Charlie Hebdo‘s attacks. Between this moment, where I borrowed her pictures and today I met some times a girl overflowing with ideas. And overall an amazing photographer ! Chatted  with her inspired me for some projects I’m working on. Coming soon .. If you are a fashion blogger in Toronto contact me.


I was very glad she asked me to be part of her project ! You know me I love meeting creative people and working on new projects ! Her idea? Encourage artist work in Toronto with a quirky interview and funky pictures ! I had such a good time during the shooting, as usual I had fun pretending I’m a model ( maybe I missed my vocation .. Or not 😉 )

I was also lucky to meet in preview one of the next artist you will meet in the few next weeks: trust me stay aware you should laugh !

For the francophone I translated the interview, for the other one let’s meet at Juliette’s blog !

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