I received my first Ose jewel when I returned from Canada. A whole symbol since it was offered to me by a friend following a bet on my weight loss! So yes during the first year sports report I told you that I had detached from the balance but at that time it was important and I had well deserved a reward after all these efforts ^^.

Let’s go back to our sheep (I do not know if you maroon as much as me in my expressions but know that it is always a great pleasure for me!), I thus discovered the collection of jewelry Ose. I always always a year after compliments when I wear this necklace (see it here), it dresses by itself an outfit. A year has passed and let’s say that I am rather well positioned to follow the brand since as the crow flies I have to live 15 minutes from their premises!

bijoux ose fringinto

The jewelery brand has existed since 2011 thanks to the talents of its designer and designer, but it is only two years ago that she joined the company EAC, based in the Drôme and evolving in the world of luxury with customers Such as Vuitton, Dior or Chanel. Ose jewelery now benefits from the same process as the products intended for the big brands while preserving the creativity and the shifted tone that characterize them.

bijoux ose made in drome

Thanks to this association the brand has evolved and and I must admit that in 2 years I have seen the collections assert themselves and climb up a notch. By losing nothing of their originality the jewels have gained in finesse and in class. The brand has asserted its identity and has reached a certain maturity which makes today each of us can find its happiness there.

At the beginning of the month Hugo the sales manager of Ose offered me to come and discover the collection summer 2016. If initially the collections were a little too colorful for me I was pleasantly surprised to discover what they had reserved for us For this summer (and even more for next winter but I can not tell you yet!)! At first glance I cracked for the Indian saltire that you have seen me regularly worn on Snapchat! It is a true blow of heart it is original and always makes its small effect!


The brand speaks to me especially for several reasons; Each collection is segmented into several themes, each theme carries a name that makes us travel, this season is the name of a city in the world (including Ottawa, the capital of Canada, everything brings me back to Canada we agree? ) And travel is a bit the ultimate goal of my life (How do I exaggerate? It’s because you do not see the hours I spend looking for good plans for my next trips … ^^ ). Then I particularly like to highlight the products that are made around me and in the broad sense the Made in France. Finally I have the name of the brand tattooed in the skin then necessarily it comes closer.

And then you say to yourself it goes anyway for a collaboration not?


You can stop holding your breath, trying to find me a place urgently in HP, I did not lose my head I had this tattoo well before knowing the mark! Now you know what I’m talking about;)


If Hugo invited me to discover the new collection it is also because I became the ambassador of the brand in the region, so I could choose a jewel by theme. And as I wanted to show you even more I prepared a selection of my favorite earrings!


Thème Dallas


Thème Bogota


Thème Ottawa


Thème Maputo

Find the collections at Ose outlets near you or directly on their e-shop!

I wear Bodoga Indian long necklace, Dallas necklace, earrings (out of stock). On the cushion: Panama bracelet and earrings Ottawa.

So which one will you please? Think carefully because you have 2 chances to win the earrings of your choice!

Rendez-vous on my Facebook and my Instagram to double your chances;)

Excellente soirée les petits loups.

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