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Maybe Toronto was not enough cold for me .. January 30th I was on the bus to Montréal ….

Why I left an already really cold place to an other coldest one ? Because when you love you don’t count, and that’s also right concerning degrees ! Back one week before when I received an email from a adorable brother who invited me to Montreal for the suprise birthday party of one of my French friend who lives there for almost 3 years. 6.00am first reaction: “Let me wake up I reply in 2 hours”. Yes I need time on the morning. You know during the week end I consider 1.00pm as the morning …  so I let you imagine my face at 6.00am ..

After few message everything is arranged and I’m on the bus to Montreal, initialy for 6 hours, really for 7 hours. Arrived foot on the snow. No way to find a cab. Pressure to be (more ) late for the surprise. And I arrived. You know when you didn’t see someone for more than a year ? And the last time you saw her she made you a surprise ? Reunification are amazing ! Intense and teary. Like with just a bus trip I was back home. Someone like family, somewhere like home.

And a limo drove us to the … IGLOOOOOOOOOFEST ! But what is Igloofest ? On the Old Port of Montreal there is an ice village with DJ playing electronic music ! The place to be during the winter ! Temperature was -30 .. I didn’t have exact information but with ice around it was much colder … Yes it’s possible !

Our advice to survive ? Drink a glass .. or more !

An amazing night, almost 24 hours without sleeping for Ludi and me but it was so funny !

With temperature around -30 we started visiting Montreal with a first stop to have a pain au chocolat. Because when you meet between French you want a pain au chocolat. Visiting during the day and poutine for diner of course at the Banquise ! An other French girl from back home met us too ! A revitalizing weekend for everyone !

Montreal is really a beautiful city but with the cold it’s hard to fully enjoy it, we walked a lot but I guess with sun it’s better.













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