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Haut et bas, the store

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the Valence’s shop Haut et bas. An underwear shop. Yes me the little chest. Even though today I no longer consider myself as complexed by my little chest I am not super mega comfortable with the subject. So it was a great challenge for me! Finish this year by telling you about small breasts that would bet the top?


I was able to take advantage of the customer experience with Hélène and Dorine as experts. At first glance Helen can tell me what my bra size is, I’m pretty impressed. I am of a natural very comfortable but I was still out of my comfort zone let’s be honest! I spot several sets that I like before going to the fitting part. I choose different models to see which one puts me most in value and in which I feel the best.

haut et bas valence

The fittings will of course remain of the private order but I believe that with their advice I really realized that a small chest was not a fatality. I had already evolved from my teenage complexes but there they boosted me even more!

Hélène advocates push ups to highlight my décolleté when I wear a dress or a small top notched, she also proposes me to try more comfortable models that we will wear rather daily. Some models even offer double use: comfort and “classic” that turns into push-up thanks to the insertion of 2 small cushions! In 2 time 3 movements the turn is played and your bra also dresses its evening dress! It also makes me try patterns that do not show off so I can really notice the difference. As much to say that I understood the lesson, underwear can make such a difference.

choisir son soutien gorge

The boutique, cozy and warm, welcomes you at 20 avenue Victor Hugo and offers sizes from 85A to I. You will find very nice pieces of lingerie. Hélène and Dorine have given me a great welcome and above all an immediate confidence. It is true that being in little dress quickly brings people together ^^ I had a great time in good spirits. We chatted, we laughed, I tried, I asked my questions, they explained. I came out with lots of info. I liked the simplicity they showed. I know it’s not easy for everyone to show up in underwear in front of an in-store consultant but there I guarantee you will feel very comfortable.

Little recap ‘of Hélène’s advice to choose her bra:

  • The bra should be plated, it should not be able to pass the finger in the middle.
  • On the side the bra should not over tighten and allow the skin to protrude.
  • It should not move when moving.
  • For a very push-up effect, give priority to small throats that bring the breasts closer together and give a punching effect to your chest.
  • Down with the ideas received when you wear a headband (I have tried a magnificent, available in shop if you are looking for a go there from me!) Do not put milk on the body on your chest. This will drag and make your day much less comfortable ^^.

For more tips go to shop;)

choisir son soutien gorge valence

A beautiful experience and a beautiful discovery, for the first time I enjoyed choosing a beautiful bra, forgetting its basic function and favoring the pretty, well-being and putting myself to my advantage. ! In addition the decoration of the shop was redone not very long ago, even more trendy and pleasant to visit. Follow their news on the page Facebook.

Thanks again Helene for this experience.

Photo 1: Ambra – Photo 2: Antigel – Photo 5: Lise Charmel 

Belle soirée mes petits loups à frange.

petites poitrines valence

sous vêtements valence

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