If you follow me on the social networks you must have seen that ten days ago I was invited to a privilege evening by the institute Depil & Young in Valence. We were several girls with different worlds (blogger but also hairdresser, makeup artist or even eyebrow specialist) attended the presentation of the concept.

This summer, on my return from Canada, I noticed this new storefront in the rue Pierre Semard and its provocative ads. I did not really care. Then a month ago Sabrina contacted me to introduce me to the universe of Depil & Young: permanent hair removal with pulsed light and rejuvenation.

What is pulsed light?

The pulsed light has existed for over 40 years, we hear much more talk in recent years with the boom of the final hair removal, it is to isolate the red color in this light to “burn” the hair at the Root and thus eliminate regrowth. The persons authorized to use the machine are trained by the manufacturer of the machine (which is manufactured in France for the small side Made in France) but also by dermatologists. This is not an insignificant procedure, so make sure that the people who offer this service are qualified, this is of course the case at Depil & Young which is a center specialized in pulsed light.

The process.

Sabrina will do a complete assessment with you to find out if you are fit for the practice of pulsed light. Check your medical history, your current health, your skin, your habits. You will decide together which areas you want to work on, you can choose to start at the same time, starting with an area. Once the conditions are well defined Sabrina will offer you a quote in line with your desires and your budget. Last step before serious things begin;). You should know that completeness will not go into a session simply because your hair is not all at the same level of regrowth. Each session will therefore tackle a new “team of hair” if I dare say. The pulsed light attacks the hair in its “anagen” phase, ie the hair is still attached to the papules that the pulsed light targets. Count between 6 and 8 sessions after the people. For an underarm session count 20 minutes.

The difference with the laser?

The result is the same, the difference comes from the technique used, for the laser the person will use a .. laser (bravo for those who had already guessed;)) hair by hair, while for pulsed light is achieved thanks to a Flash lamp that flashes an area (depending on the size of the tip of the machine) where you will only pass once per session.

Frequency ?

The first sessions are spaced from 6 to 8 weeks, then according to the evolution of each the sessions are spaced by 12 weeks. You have to know that from the moment you decide to start this process it will be necessary to shave the hair. No more epilation! The hair must be seen to be captured by light. I am a pro-epilation but in these cases it is done for the good cause;) Then it will be necessary to cover the sun a few days before and of course a few days after. That’s why we are right now in full season to start!

Areas and contraindications

The question that came up often on social networks after my publication about definitive hair removal was about the areas that it was possible to work. So it’s very simple: these are areas where it is natural to have hair. If you have hair elsewhere to remove it is surely the result of a hormonal disorder and without the agreement of a doctor the institute will do nothing. Regarding the face if you are under 45 years only the lips and chin can be worked, after menopause the entire face is conceivable.

In some cases, permanent hair removal with pulsed light can not be achieved:

  • In case of pregnancy.\
  • Wearing a pacemaker.
  • Diabetes or blood disease.
  • In case of antibiotic, anticoagulant, photo-sensitizing treatment …

Really definitive?

Another question that has often returned: but is it really definitive? There are still dormant hairs that will not be treated since they are by definition sleeping and not manifesting. They may decide to do so after a pregnancy for example since the body undergoes a hormonal change. At this time a maintenance session is possible to eliminate the new arrivals! And it left again for a life without hair!

And the pain in all that?

Update of 16/12/15:

As promised I prefer to update the article after having my first session. It was during my lunch break Wednesday that I made my first session. Armpits and jersey. Honestly I expected a much stronger pain, we are not going to lie that ticks but for me it is less painful than waxing. I hardly felt the right armpit! If ever the fear of pain is the only thing that hold you back you have no more excuse. It is an instant pain: it leaves as quickly as it arrived, everything is played on a few seconds! I should see the first results in 2 to 3 weeks with areas that will no longer have hair. Business to follow! Next session on January 27, if you are interested I can keep you up to date;)

How much?

It will be necessary to make an assessment with Sabrina to have a prize, each person being different. You know, however, that the package is unlimited, you know that starting the invoice will not have doubled at the end since the price is established at the start and will not move. The good news is that I can give you a 10% discount, for that it is simple send me a small mail to astrid (@) so that I send you the info! Then by combining several zones at the same time you benefit from other promotions: 20% for 2 simultaneous zones, 30% for 3 zones! The institute also offers a payment up to 10 times.

Depil & Young, 10 avenue Pierre Semard in Valence, 09 82 54 29 08 – WebsiteFacebook

My opinion.

Like all the girls I think I dream of not having to go through the waxing box to be quiet and live a peaceful life without hair (the poetry of Monday morning 😉 ) except that until now I had only cast an eye By far laser. But nothing but the word laser I’m afraid. The pulsed light I knew only by name. Now that I have spent a lot of time with Sabrina, I have asked all my questions, I am more reassured, I have taken the necessary time, do not An irreversible process, it is not something one decides lightly. For my part I start on December 16, so I could give you a feedback through an update of this article to share my first feel!

If you have already tried do not hesitate to give me your feedback!

Good Monday <3

Update of May 18, 2016:

As I told you on Snapchat (FringintoBlog) yesterday was my 4th session of final hair removal. I get quite a few questions about this and it is true that I had not been in the article since the first session. After the first session I lost a lot of hair, maybe 50%, I was amazed by the result. Second session on January 27, following more regrowths than the first time. It is normal those who slept awake;) I had a third session at the end of March and say that for the moment this one was the most striking! Between late March and yesterday I had a regrowth of say 10% (not easy to evaluate the rate of regrowth of my hair mdrrr)! It is really impressive and I do not speak to you about the comfort of life! Concerning the pain it varied according to the sessions, I will say that the 3rd was the most painful. But magic: under the armpits I have almost felt nothing (it is already basically the least sensitive area for me) because almost everything is gone!

Next appointment at the end of July;)

I can only highly recommend you to take the plunge if you think about it for a while! Always available by mail for more personal questions if you need!

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