Today I present you a look that does not come out of my dressing room but from the shop Blow Up in Valence! A nice way to break my habits and get me out of what I can usually wear. At first we were out on a single outfit but in great undecided and especially loving clothes we decided to shoot 2! When one loves one does not count is not it! First outfit it turns!

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Blow Up is first of all an atmosphere before being a shop. It’s cozy, it’s cozy, it feels good. A big armchair to wait while the girlfriends try. A TV with the music of the moment for the fun side. A decoration that leaves nothing to chance. It’s like home with an advisor plus! Even before Lina contacted me I had stopped stopped by this new sign avenue Victor Hugo, it is by gossiping (one of my favorite activities ^ ^) that it explains to me that it is not new, she Has just recently moved to gain visibility. It has now been more than 2 years that she dresses and advises the Valentinois.

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I enjoyed the experience as a customer since we chose the two outfits together, she listened to my desires, I listened to her advice, we mixed our universes. I loved his simplicity and kindness. Quickly it makes you feel that you are here between girlfriends (or buddies no jealous ^ ^), one speaks, one exchanges, one tells anecdotes. Finally it is the good girlfriend that we would all need for shopping: she knows right away what is going to us and will not hesitate to direct us to something else if something does not show us.

red plus

I immediately hooked with Lina, she is sweet, pleasant and smiling. In spite of everything it takes more to succeed in the hard trade of the sale. So I asked her what motivated her every day to open its doors. His response was immediate: my clients! Creating and maintaining a relationship with clients, visiting showrooms to find new rooms, creating a universe where they will feel good, transmitting a bit of it to each visit but also conversely feeding themselves ‘them. It is a real exchange and true friendships that are created during the visits. She likes to say that Blow Up is a big family, it is a great happiness and also an immense satisfaction to have today in his hands his own shop.

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For the holding I must confess that I had a thunderbolt for this coat when entering the shop! The color is superb and the material is so nice to wear. He’s doing really well. I also like to wear a strong piece which alone has made all the outfit. It is then best to wear more discreet pieces so as not to turn into too much. Nobody wants to be too much we agree? The dark patterned top makes the job perfect!

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Those pants are so nice to wear, at the moment I do not sport any more and my clothes start to nicely make me notice ^^ but in those jeans I was so good, we could be afraid of color, light colors Are well known for not slimming, but frankly no missteps, this gray is perfect. The finish destroy but not too much: I love it!

blow up valence

A real blow of heart for the shop, for the pretty Lina and for this outfit. Find her and her smile at 55 avenue Victor Hugo in Valence with ready to wear brands like Redsoul, Red +, Sweet Pants, Tiffosi for woman and man but also accessories! 90% of these are local or regional creations (yes I love that you know!)!

Beautiful evening my little wolves with bangs, I remind you that tonight I launched my calendar of the advent with my first video available on Facebook! Until December 22 every night at 8pm I will post a video, be there!

Rendez-vous next week for the second look with Blow Up! Many thanks to Lina for her collaboration 🙂


Coat: Red+ – Shirt: Redsoul – Jeans: Tiffosi – Shoes: Asos – Purse: Knettcrea

Thanks ma Sandra for the pictures <3

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