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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of testing cryotherapy in the Depil and Young Institute (the same where I do my final hair removal with pulsed light). You may have already heard of this process of immersing the body or a specific area in negative temperatures. Often used in athletes for recovery this action can also be carried out to dislodge stubborn fat from the panties for example.

As far as I am concerned, I tested a session on the face, a process less known and yet very effective.

What is facial cryotherapy?

Easy cryotherapy is a technique that uses cold air to firm the skin, awaken the luster and fight against sagging skin. Cryotherapy will stimulate blood circulation, firm the epidermis, erase fine lines for example.

How does cryotherapy work?

The skin of the face is stimulated by a probe diffusing a stabilized cold air. This stimulates the blood circulation and a vasodilatation that will promote the penetration of the active.

What happens during a session ?

A session lasts about an hour. It starts with a cleaning of the screwing to eliminate the impurities, make-up and pollution. Followed by a facial massage to allow the assets to penetrate better. Follow the application of the sera. A maximum of 3 sera can be mixed according to your needs. I tested the one for dehydrated skins, one against fatigue and shine. But there is also anti-aging for example.

Once the sera are mixed in the bowl they are applied to the face. It’s pretty cool.

It is only then that the machine comes into play. With the aid of a probe the person of the institute will go through the whole face starting from the front to bring down the temperature of the face to -18. One side after another.

The session ends with the application of a moisturizer.

The effects ?

The effects are immediate! I came out with a skin plump, fresh, refreshed and with a better look!

How often should the sessions be held?

If you decide to do an anti aging cure the sessions will be closer and more numerous, if it is a blow of shine you can leave on an average of one session per month or every two months.

And the price ?

A session like mine is about 62 €, coming from me you get a discount of 10% enjoy!

My opinion.

I was amazed by the result, unfortunately in the photo it did not make great so I can not show you the difference. I felt my skin much more hydrated than me which very often dehydrated skin (and not dry as I always believed, thank Sabrina for the information), my skin was glowing and really rested.

The -18 are not unpleasant, it is surprising but it is largely supportable. I advise you to rest after the session, it remains a moment of pleasure and the rest behind you will take full advantage of the benefits.

Depil and Young, 10 rue Pierre Semard, 09 82 54 29 08.

Did you already experience it ?

Don’t forget 10% off coming from me !

Excellente soirée mes petits loups à frange.

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