Christmas gifts with friends selection


Christmas is great, lights everywhere, trees everywhere, things that shine everywhere, cute things everywhere. You can hardly miss the magnitude of the thing. Except it’s also often a big source of stress because of the gifts. Finding the perfect gift that will please without ruining yourself is the mission of the month of December (and sometimes even November if you are 1/ well organized 2/ smart enough to spread the expenses. When I see people around me anxious about the quest for the perfect gift, I have to admit that it takes a little of the magic of Christmas away from me. I celebrated Christmas once in France in 5 years so I don’t do many presents but as we are preparing the Christmas of our friends here I thought it could help you! Besides for the gift of friends I like the idea of making a draw a few weeks before Christmas, assigning a person to each guest and making only one gift for that person. By having only one person, you appreciate a little more the quest for the perfect gift and have less of a feeling of checking a list of things to do before the D-Day. In short you will have understood it I am not a big fan of gifts by obligation;)

Less than 200 dollars

Less than 150 dollars

Less than 100 dollars

Carte personnalisée Mapiful

Less than 50 dollars

Less than 30 dollars


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