cils infinis by Marie

Beautiful look


Yes my beautiful look. It’s a bit pretentious as a title? Well if I allow myself this little madness is that at the moment I am not at all responsible for my eyes. It is the work of the beautiful Marie de Cils Infinity by Marie and what a work! Since Tuesday I have only compliments on my new look, without always identifying where the change comes from, it is pointed out to me that something has changed. Me who thought that no one saw my glance behind my glasses and my fringe … Big error mademoiselle!

infinis cils by Marie
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For those who follow me on Snapchat (FringintoBlog) you may remember that I had passed under the expert hands of Marie at the festival Bricole Ta Noce for a pose of extensions on the outside corners. She had proposed to me to renew the operation for a complete pose, which I accepted with great pleasure really curious to see what a pose of extensions of eyelashes could change to my eyes. I was not disappointed with the trip! I will explain everything in detail.

cils infinis by Marie

What is an eyelash extension laying?

Let’s start maybe by the beginning! A laying of eyelash extensions is a practice carried out by an eyelash extender. It consists of sticking synthetic eyelashes (silk or mink, the first for a very light and natural rendering, the second for a more black and Thicker) on the natural lashes without ever touching the skin. Not to be confused with false eyelashes that come in the form of fringe and have a lifetime of 24h.

What lash extensions?

To adapt to all tastes and desires there are several types of poses. The length also fits (important when wearing glasses).

  • Pose cil à cil: the most natural pose, it brings mainly of the length. These eyelashes are thicker since the prosthetist places only one per cil.
  • Russian volume pose: brings volume and a more glamorous effect. The eyelashes are finer since it lays up to 6 per lash.
  • Mixed pose: mix of the two previous poses to add volume while remaining natural. Inside the eye she lays eyelash on the outside of the Russian volume.
  • Pose at the ends: pose on 1/3 of the eye, on the outside.
  • Extra-volume pose: this pose is exceptional for occasions like a shooting or a wedding because it weakens the eyelash. The prosthetist can lay up to 16 eyelashes per cil.

Are there any contraindications for laying eyelash extensions?

  • If you work with steam or heat the eyelashes can fall more easily (in bakery for example). This is of course not impossible but the outfit takes less.
  • If you have conjunctivitis, an infection, a stye, a cancer or you are pregnant the pose will not be recommended
  • If you have a hormonal disorder, diabetes problems do not contraindicate but the eyelashes can fall off more easily.
  • If you are under treatment with cortisone this is not recommended either.
  • Be able to hold 2 hours with eyes closed.

How does an eyelash extensions work?

She of course starts by making sure I have no contraindications and makes me fill out a questionnaire to make sure everything is ok! I choose the type of pose I want, I choose the Russian volume. Then we start with an eyelash shampoo! And yes it exists! In a second time, it isolates the lashes of the bottom by placing a patch under the eye, it is cool it does good. The pose begins, Mary “organizes” her pose by noting what length will be placed where, I hear 10, 12 (which correspond to the length) she is the expert I let her take care of Me with eyes closed (the return of rotten jokes!) So she begins to put carefully each bouquet of eyelashes on each of my eyelashes, one by one. At the end of the first eye we take a break, the result is bluffing !! The second is then attacked. In all it is well 2 hours of time for the total pose! (On the picture below my eyebrows had been redone to permanent makeup 5 days before so I had homeoplasmin from everywhere ahah).

cils infinis by Marie

How to maintain eyelash extensions?

Marie left me a complete kit including the shampoo for eyelashes to be done 2-3 times a week to avoid infections type blepharitis and for a better holding of the eyelashes, a brush adapted to the washing, a brush to brush my eyelashes, a Thinks stupid to remember all there is to know.

For 48 hours after laying it is necessary to avoid contact with water or steam, after these first 48 hours the swimming pool, the hamman and the sauna are tolerated.

Attention the only make-up remover allowed for eyelash extensions is micellar water (it is not greasy, and the fat with the extensions it is bad), only mascaras specific to eyelash extensions can be used. Never pull on the extensions or you can tear off the real eyelash.

volume russe extension de cils

What is the lifespan of an eyelash extensions?

The duration varies from one eyelash to the other since each eyelash does not have the same “age”. The average lifetime of an eyelash is 45 days. Do not put on the eyelashes of less than 15 days they are too fragile. Filling can take place between 2 and 5 weeks after the first installation.

How much does that cost?

  • Pose cil à cil: 90 € with a filling between 30 and 55 € depending on the number of weeks since the last installation.
  • Installation Russian volume: 130 € with a filling between 40 and 65 € (same reason).
  • Mixed pose: 110 € with a filling between 35 and 60 € (same reason).
  • Installation extra volume: 150 €.


My opinion ?

And what do I think of all this? Well I’m delighted! I make very little makeup so the change is really noticed and I love the rendering! I have tested the Russian volume and I find the rendering very natural, I do not feel overloaded, my eyelashes are not heavy (I was asked the question), I am not embarrassed with glasses (other question asked On my social networks). The first day I felt them slightly, the time to get used I think but since then, it will be a week tomorrow, I do not realize at all. I am amazed to see the look I can have by adding “simply” eyelashes. Many have been the people to notice me for a week. Again of myself I may not have dared, assuming as I said above that with my glasses and my fringe I did not need it. Error !

Go a little anecdote to finish this experience feedback in beauty (biiim the play on words!), One morning I get up, cuckoo in the mirror, waking head and this very spontaneous reflection: you have a bad head but you Really a nice look !! Excerpt from a conversation with me on waking up in the bathroom ^^

If you wish to contact Marie all the infos are on her Facebook page here!

Excellente soirée mes petits loups à frange (et aux futurs beaux cils !)

cils infinis by marie et fringinto
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