My bathrobe


I am a big fan of personalized products. It’s a great gift idea, for births mainly I’m having fun finding new personalized ideas to get the really unique gift. So when Lepeignoir.fr site contacted me to choose a bathrobe and personalize it I was more than delighted. Especially since I was looking for a nice outlet (Do not ask me why but this expression makes me laugh. Yes I am good public.)


I took advantage of a sunny morning and my cousin’s visit to take some shots in the best possible situation: a French breakfast in my garden with cream of chestnut in front of the CN Tower. I know there are days when life is not simple ^ ^. I tried to stay the most “I get out of my bed” possible by offering my cup to wake up without any retouching. Yes the natural between us is important is not it!

produit-personnalise What I like to have breakfast outside and I must admit that I am very lucky to have a garden in my residence right in downtown Toronto. Hyper nice to invite buddies around a barbecue, for a girl who grew up in the South East of France to live outdoors from April to October it is very important to have an outside even if let’s be honest serves less here than in Ardèche.


If the personalized bathrobe interests you too I invite you to visit their website, you have the choice between several models, of course I chose a powdered pink because I am always attracted to pink, but you have different colors and materials!

So at our last breakfasts and barbecues before the arrival of winter and the hibernation of half my buddies.

Love love.





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