Ideas of gifts to send back home when you live abroad


This week on Instagram I shared in a story that I had sent an assortment of cheeses to my grandfather. Many of you have asked me for a selection of gift ideas to send from abroad. Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a birthday or just for the pleasure of making someone happy, I’m sharing with you some of the finds I discovered during my research!

Why do I prefer to send a package ordered in France rather than from Canada?

You may wonder why I don’t send something directly from Canada? It’s mainly because of the cost: it’s really expensive to send a parcel from Canada to France, you can check the Canada Post website for more info.

La Box Fromage

Let’s start with the box I just sent to my grandfather, I don’t have his return yet but I got great feedback from you guys after my Instagram story. Each month they offer a new selection of 4 cheeses, with XL option if you are gifting to really greedy people, about 550gr of cheeses. You can choose to send a single box or offer a multi-month subscription.


A few weeks ago I sent my grandfather some pictures of my last visit to France. I had taken a picture with my brother, my sister and my little cousins. I wanted him to have it too so he could see us every day. I had it printed on a canvas with Cheerz. The ease of printing directly in the application: I love it. Beware if you ever want to order some for delivery in Canada you may have to pay customs fees (yes I speak from experience!). They have lots of options, you can choose to print a set of small photos in a box or like I did a few weeks ago for my lover magnets for the fridge.


Last year I sent plants to France several times using Be Bloom, when I wanted to use their services a few days ago I saw that they had been bought by Interflora. I had already used them for my grandmother’s death anniversary last April. They were one of the only ones that offered to place the flowers on the grave. Even though these are not very fun to send, it’s good to know. I prefer to send plants rather than flowers, they last longer and often the people I send them to don’t take the time to buy plants, so it’s a good thing.

Le Coq Gourmet

It’s while searching for a selection of local products that I came across this gourmet box: a selection of 100% French local products. Each month a new selection and it looks delicious. I liked the idea of introducing another region to the person I’m sending the package to and you know I love local producers: so for me it’s a great gift idea. You can choose to give a single box or a subscription.

Fédération Française de l’Apéritif

Ah I know that this name will make more than one Frenchman smile. I smiled too! You will find several themed boxes on the site, you will inevitably find something to please its recipient and as for most of the boxes you can also offer a subscription. What to treat in an original way your family or your friends even being far away.


If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen that I have 4 of these at home. These frames are customizable, you can choose the city you want. At my house each frame has a story: Toronto, Valence, Paris and the Ardèche. I gave one to my sister when she bought her apartment a few months ago. I chose a very special place for her because you can customize exactly the place you like and even change the title and the colours.

I hope these few ideas will help you please your loved ones, feel free to comment with your suggestions!

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